• Quick Find not showing all results in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 22 October 2020

      There’s an interesting issue right now within Dynamics 356 where Quick Find views are not showing the correct number of results, and instead are defaulting to 25. The example below shows that I have searched for “ca” within the Active Accounts view. It should return more than 25 results, but only 25

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    • How to Upload to Azure Blob Storage using SAS Token via Dynamics 365 Plugin

      Adam Murchison, 21 October 2020

      When writing code for Dynamics 365 online plugins, you are limited to assemblies you can use within the sandbox. Luckily you can use the HTTPClient, this allows you to upload a file to an Azure Blob Storage Container without using any of the Azure Blob Storage Nuget Packages found here. This blog wi

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    • Working As One and difficult conversations

      Shalane Williams, 20 October 2020

      Working As One is a core value here at Magnetism. It’s not only about working as one with each other internally so we can effectively deliver a project; it’s also about working in partnership with our clients. I had a great chat with a client yesterday and he mentioned that he sees us as just one te

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    • Command Bar Not Loading in Dynamics 365, Release 2020 Wave 2

      Adam Murchison, 19 October 2020

      When opening a form in Dynamics 365 some users have been experiencing a long load time of the command bar compared to the rest of the form. When debugging this with a non-admin user I noticed that I was experiencing the same large delay on the command bar as other users, compared to the system admin

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    • CRM and the NZ Privacy Act 2020

      John Eccles, 18 October 2020

      The new Privacy Act 2020, which replaces the Privacy Act 1993, will come into force on 1 December 2020. Virtually all organisations in New Zealand are covered by this Act which covers the information in your CRM system.Now is a good time to review the information your organisation collects about sta

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    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing just got a whole lot better with the Wave 2 Release

      Gayan Perera, 15 October 2020

      As part of the Microsoft Power Platform 2020 Wave 2 release, the Marketing module has gotten a major overhaul in terms of usability and user experience. I’m super excited about these updates because they make marketing users’ lives so much better! These updates are also bringing Dynamics Marketing o

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    • How to unblock applications connecting to Dynamics 365

      Nick Chin, 14 October 2020

      Sometimes when running application like Scheduled Task, Windows Service or SQL Server Integration Jobs (SSIS) on a local network, the access to Microsoft and Dynamics 365 can be blocked. This is because the proxy or firewall rules are blocking access to Dynamics 365.Identifying the problemNormally w

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    • Dynamics 365 Incoming Emails to Queue not Synchronizing

      Sean Roque, 13 October 2020

      We encountered an issue in Dynamics 365 Queue functionality where incoming emails were not synchronized despite the mailbox being configured for server-side synchronization.We were able to send emails in Dynamics 365 using this Queue, however, any replies or direct emails to its mailbox did not crea

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    • Create a Chatbot without any code using Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents

      Harshani Perera, 12 October 2020

      In this blog, I will show you how easy it is to create a chatbot with no code using Microsoft Power Virtual Agent. We will cover:1. Creating/Setting up the Environment2. Creating the Bot3. Building your Bot4. Testing your Bot5. Publishing and Sharing your BotCreate the Environment1. Go to https://p

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    • The effect team sport has had on my career in IT

      Roshan Mehta, 11 October 2020

      I grew up in a family that is mad about sport. Cricket, rugby league, soccer, table tennis – you name it. Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite sport is cricket. I first picked up a bat at the age of 2, joined the local cricket club at the age of 6, and have played club cricket every year sinc

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    • Dynamics 365 Sign in required pop-up

      Nick Chin, 08 October 2020

      Does the “Sign in required” pop-up keep appearing when browsing Power Apps, Power Automate or Power Admin? This is because your browser is blocking third-party cookies.I often use Chrome in Incognito mode, which causes third-party cookies to be blocked by default.Check your Cookie SettingsGo to the

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    • How to add a SharePoint Document sub-grid to any Form in Dynamics 365

      Isaac Stephens, 07 October 2020

      A limitation with Dynamics 365 SharePoint integration was the fact you had to go related and click on the document option. This was made slightly better when Microsoft added a Files Tab to the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunity Forms. This still left many of entities, including Cases and Cus

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    • Convert pdf documents and email them from any record type, with Dynamics 365

      Sarah Coleman, 05 October 2020

      In the Wave 2, 2020 Dynamics 365 release, my favourite new feature is the ability to convert pdf documents and email them from any record type you like, even custom records. Over the last decade of working with Dynamics 365 and its previous versions, I’ve seen a variety of solutions introduced to a

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    • Your Information Technology Roadmap

      John Eccles, 05 October 2020

      Magnetism provides specialist input to the IT roadmaps of our partner-clients. We advise about the new technology expected from Microsoft and how they might utilise it for greater value. We look at the broader IT systems and advise on how D365, Azure and the Power Platform might integrate with other

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    • Communication and Successful Partnerships

      Jaime Smith, 28 September 2020

      Over the course of this year I have been completing a management course to develop my leadership and day to day management capabilities and recently some intentional investment into my marriage through commencing a marriage course with my husband. And now I am getting a singular message loud and cle

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