• Rising to the occasion or sinking?

      Gayan Perera, 03 November 2020

      In professions such as aviation, construction, engineering and medicine where people are constantly under pressure from the expectation to perform there is a saying “You don’t rise to the occasion; you sink to the level of your training!” For some reason, the IT industry overlooks the importance of

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    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing just got a whole lot better with the Wave 2 Release

      Gayan Perera, 15 October 2020

      As part of the Microsoft Power Platform 2020 Wave 2 release, the Marketing module has gotten a major overhaul in terms of usability and user experience. I’m super excited about these updates because they make marketing users’ lives so much better! These updates are also bringing Dynamics Marketing o

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    • How we use concepts from aviation to deliver quality CRM projects

      Gayan Perera, 14 September 2020

      Aviation is dangerous! We strap ourselves into a huge steel tube with a couple of engines and wings with millions of moving parts, trusting that the people operating these machines will get us to where we need to get to.IT projects, especially CRM projects are very similar. The biggest difference is

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    • Get-There-Itis: A Major Stress Factor for IT Projects

      Gayan Perera, 27 August 2020

      “Get-there-itis" or “plan continuation bias” is a term I learnt when learning to fly. Essentially it’s the eagerness of a pilot to reach a destination even when conditions for flying are unfavourable. I see this creeping into IT projects, disregarding obvious risk just to get it done.Let’s start wit

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    • Electronic Signing Made Affordable and Easy

      Gayan Perera, 19 August 2020

      There are several electronic signing solutions out there in the market. However, they are expensive, have features locked behind paywalls, hard to integrate with, don’t work well on a mobile, and the minute you say you’re an enterprise the price goes way up.Well, that pain is now over. We found a so

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    • How Learning to Fly improved my Software Development Process - Checklists

      Gayan Perera, 30 July 2020

      I started learning to fly about 15 years ago because I got bored writing code and it’s something I’d always wanted to do. As I started learning to fly, the instructors would always make a point to use checklists. Then, I started to see that the concepts being taught in aviation could be applied to t

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    • Knowing Why Makes the Doing Easier

      Gayan Perera, 15 July 2020

      As a director and CTO of Magnetism I’m always trying to inspire, encourage and motivate people to be a better version of themselves. Until recently, I had been putting inspiration, encouragement and motivation into the same bucket. The result of this mindset was that I could clearly see who was supe

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    • The Tech Powering Our Sales

      Gayan Perera, 13 May 2020

      Spoiler alert – We use the Microsoft Power Platform to help us with our sales!I must confess, we don’t have a sales team. We’re a bunch of businesspeople with a very good understanding of technology. We use that as our base to help our clients realise their potential through smart use of tech. The r

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    • The Tech Powering our Support Contracts and Helpdesk

      Gayan Perera, 07 April 2020

      A bit of background before we get into the nitty gritting. When we started Magnetism, we wanted to operate our support contracts differently to the existing providers in the market. The existing players all provided support contracts the way insurance companies provide insurance. E.g. you pay month

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    • 3 Tips for Starting with Power Virtual Agents

      Gayan Perera, 20 November 2019

      Microsoft recently announced a very neat feature allowing customers to deploy AI-driven virtual agents. You can create and deploy these agents using no-code/low-code WYSIWYG editors!If you want to give it a try, head over to https://powervirtualagents.microsoft.com/en-us/ and sign up for a trial. On

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    • Microsoft Flow will fall under the brand name Microsoft Power Automate

      Gayan Perera, 13 November 2019

      If you’re playing in the Microsoft Business Applications space you’re probably saying to yourself ‘not again!’ We all know there have been many naming changes, licensing changes, announcements that were recanted etc etc. Hard to keep up…I know!So, a bit of an explanation as to what was announced at

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    • How do you keep ahead of the game with the Power Platform?

      Gayan Perera, 14 August 2019

      I was recently asked “How do you keep ahead of the game with all of this new tech?” Well, the simple answer is that it’s in our DNA as a company. Since #LearnItAll is finally starting to hit home to many in the industry. This is how I responded: Going right back to the inception of Magnetism, there

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    • A Quick Summary of the October 2019 Power Platform Licensing Changes

      Gayan Perera, 01 August 2019

      Microsoft announced a number of licensing changes to the Power Platform during Inspire 2019. These changes will take affect on the 1st of October 2019. Existing customers will be able to transition while the old Power Platform licensing plans are being grandfathered and retired. I won’t be able to o

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    • 3 Tips for Reducing Power Platform Capacity Costs

      Gayan Perera, 13 June 2019

      As of April 2019, the Power Platform started reporting storage based on database, file and log capacity. Microsoft are very generous with the default storage allocations, giving you 10GB for the database, 20GB for attachments and 2GB for logs. The biggest hit for Power Platform customers will be the

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    • Dynamics 365 CRM v9 is Slow!

      Gayan Perera, 10 May 2019

      Now that I've got your attention, the truth: Dynamics 365 CRM v9 is actually very quick! The Power Platform team has done an amazing job getting screens to load within a couple of seconds. This of course is the case for the majority of people using the platform. However, sometimes, you’ll hear comme

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