• Adding Custom Fields to the Dynamics Marketing Events Portal

      Jordan Hohepa, 30 June 2020

      With Dynamics 365 Marketing you can directly connect D365 with a customer-facing portal for managing Events. This Event Portal is built using the Angular framework and fetches data from Dynamics 365 using an Events API configured by Microsoft. Although you can customize the entire frontend by downlo

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    • Exploring the Common Data Service (current environment) Connector

      Sean Roque, 29 June 2020

      In Power Automate, the original Common Data Service connector is intuitive, but it certainly has its limitations. Primarily, when deploying a Power Automate Flow across environments, the generic connector required manual reconfiguring to ensure the connectors are pointing to the correct environment.

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    • Agile Is Not What You Think It Is

      Harshani Perera, 26 June 2020

      When you hear or see the word Agile, you might have some animosity towards it. Concepts such as scrum, sprints, user stories, daily stand up meetings, sticky notes and planning Poker may come to mind. However, I can say that none of these things make you agile. In the current IT industry, it may hav

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    • Cannot Delete Component in Dynamics 365

      Roshan Mehta, 24 June 2020

      If you’re like me and have been working with Dynamics 365 for many years, you’ll know all about dependent components. Or at least you think you do! I wanted to delete a lookup field on a custom entity called Reimbursement. Of course, I had removed the lookup from the form, any views and checked all

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    • Segmenting your Customers within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

      Ronelle Raath, 23 June 2020

      There are numerous ways you can slice a cake to get the perfectly sized piece that you want. Likewise, there are many ways you would want to group or segment your customers to fit your business’s marketing needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to slice and dice exactly as your bus

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    • Retrieving a Holiday Calendar in a Dynamics 365 Plugin

      Isaac Stephens, 22 June 2020

      In Dynamics 365 you can create Holiday Calendars which contain the dates when your business observes a holiday. These are important when using SLAs as they will be taken into account when handling response times. However, you may want to use these holidays in your own custom logic. For example, you

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    • Configuring Azure AD B2C Password Complexity

      Jordan Hohepa, 19 June 2020

      When using Azure Active Directory B2C you can control how your users access, register and manage their accounts for your applications. While configuring Azure AD B2C you have the option to use User Flows or Custom Policies to handle these processes. User Flows make use of the Azure Portal Interface,

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    • Dynamics 365 2020 Wave 1: Updates to Customer Service Management

      Isaac Stephens, 17 June 2020

      In the new wave of Dynamics 365 there are some interesting updates to the Customer Service Management features. These include updates to routing rules and SLAs to bring them into the unified interface: a customizable Case Resolution dialogue, updates to the email creator, and much more. Check out Mi

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    • How to Dynamically Switch Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

      Adam Murchison, 16 June 2020

      Previously I had written about how to switch business process flow in Dynamics 365 here. This has the fundamentals of how to switch a BPF but did not touch on deleting the previously set BPF. You must delete the previously set BPF for there to be only one active BPF, users may see the old one if thi

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    • Why are my Dynamic Values sent in an email from a Dynamics 365 Workflow wrong?

      Isaac Stephens, 15 June 2020

      The Issue:Recently, I created a Workflow that set a User lookup field on a record and sends an email to a contact. In this email the updated field is used in two different ways; the first is by accessing it directly from the Case - this gives the Full Name of the User. The second way is by using the

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    • Dynamics 365 Portal and Azure AD B2C Register Time Out

      Jordan Hohepa, 12 June 2020

      We recently used Azure AD B2C to handle the Sign-In and Sign-Up functionality for a Dynamics 365 Portal. We ran into an issue with the Sign-Up page where a Portal User would fill in all their details, but their account would not be fully created.We found that the B2C Sign-Up page was creating the B2

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    • Dynamics 365 updates can break the XrmToolBox Plugin Registration

      Nick Chin, 11 June 2020

      If you’re a Dynamics 365 Developer like me and frequently use the XrmToolBox, you’ll have noticed that the Plugin Registration tool recently stopped working with the Dynamics 365 Environment has the 2020 Wave 1 update. On load of the Plugin Registration tool I got the following error.I could registe

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    • Staying Ahead of AI

      Harshani Perera, 10 June 2020

      A few months ago, I thought the greatest threat to our jobs would be Artificial Intelligence and not a tiny virus but then I thought, this too shall pass however AI will not.Every day AI is becoming more incorporated into our daily lives, it suggests movies on streaming services, provides auto repli

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    • Dynamics 365 PCF Control using OptionSet/TwoOption Input Property

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 09 June 2020

      When creating a PCF control for Dynamics 365, we have several types of properties that we can add to our control as input parameters. These can be bound to a field in Dynamics 365 or configured as just a static input which is configured at the control level.In scenarios where you want to provide som

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    • Maintaining Lookup References during Merge in Dynamics 365

      Nick Chin, 08 June 2020

      When merging records in Dynamics 365, all lookups referencing the deactivated record will be replaced with the master record. For example: there is a Case for managing merged Accounts and you need to keep the original Account look up reference after the Accounts are merged.Currently there is no way

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