• Dynamics 365 Marketing - TimeZone Independent DateTimes in C#

      Adam Murchison, 17 September 2020

      Working with DateTimes are often problematic and Microsoft have added some new functionality when working with them in Dynamics 365 Marketing that may cause issues. In this scenario, we’re retrieving a Time-Zone Independent date field and setting the retrieved value into a User Local date field. Wit

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    • What's in Your Self-Care Toolbox?

      Shalane Williams, 16 September 2020

      It’s Wednesday afternoon. The to-do list has increased by 50% since the beginning of the week. There’s only 2 days left of the working week. At this point, the cortisol in your body starts rising, stress and anxiety creeping up as the prospect of working another weekend fills you with dread. Sound f

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    • How we use concepts from aviation to deliver quality CRM projects

      Gayan Perera, 14 September 2020

      Aviation is dangerous! We strap ourselves into a huge steel tube with a couple of engines and wings with millions of moving parts, trusting that the people operating these machines will get us to where we need to get to.IT projects, especially CRM projects are very similar. The biggest difference is

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    • Dynamics 365 File usage over capacity issues

      Nick Chin, 08 September 2020

      For Dynamics 365 staying under Capacity can be a bit of an issue, as files can easily balloon in size.Normally you would delete attachments and logs to clear up space, however there is a problem where you cannot delete data.In the Power Platform Admin under the Storage Capacity you can get a detaile

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    • All-in-one or Best-of-breed?

      John Eccles, 03 September 2020

      Which is better? An all-in-one system or an integrated best-of-breed system? The debate has been raging for years. Suppliers of all-in-one systems and ‘point’ systems both argue convincingly that their approach is superior while the consensus of those who profess to be independent is “it depends”. T

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    • Get-There-Itis: A Major Stress Factor for IT Projects

      Gayan Perera, 27 August 2020

      “Get-there-itis" or “plan continuation bias” is a term I learnt when learning to fly. Essentially it’s the eagerness of a pilot to reach a destination even when conditions for flying are unfavourable. I see this creeping into IT projects, disregarding obvious risk just to get it done.Let’s start wit

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    • Electronic Signing Made Affordable and Easy

      Gayan Perera, 19 August 2020

      There are several electronic signing solutions out there in the market. However, they are expensive, have features locked behind paywalls, hard to integrate with, don’t work well on a mobile, and the minute you say you’re an enterprise the price goes way up.Well, that pain is now over. We found a so

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    • How to Easily Debug a Timer Trigger Azure Function Locally

      Adam Murchison, 14 August 2020

      When trying to run a timer triggered Azure Function locally it is unconventional to wait for the timer to hit or updating the timer to a small amount of time to debug. Instead you can add in a parameter to trigger the function so that it runs instantaneously.Important notes:You’ll need to have the A

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    • AI for Good: Gateway to the World through the Microsoft Translator App

      Harshani Perera, 10 August 2020

      I’d love to travel to different countries, experience foreign cultures, and maybe even work or study there for a few years. Living abroad for a year or two can really solidify your understanding of a new culture. Even if that’s not a possibility, a short holiday can open your eyes to a new world wit

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    • Who is needed in the team for Dynamics 365 project success?

      Ryan Ingram, 05 August 2020

      So, you’re considering launching into a new Dynamics 365 project (whether a new deployment, upgrade or migration)??One of the key things to understand is what kind of resources and how much time should you allocate to your team to ensure the project has the best chance of success. We’ve found that g

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    • Logging into Dynamics 365 XrmToolBox with Multi-Factor Authentication

      Nick Chin, 04 August 2020

      Until earlier this year, users who had multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled could connect to the Organization Service without needing to use MFA.However, if you try this method to connect to an Organization through XrmToolBox now you may encounter an error. This is what it looks like:If you are

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    • How to Retrieve Out of the Box Entity Icons in Dynamics 365

      Sean Roque, 03 August 2020

      There are some situations where you might want to reuse the out of the box entity icons (e.g. Contact) such as the Interactive Experience form related panel:However, they are not readily accessible as web resources that you can set by default.Instead, you can access the .svg file directly by navigat

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    • Modifying Azure Active Directory B2C Password Policies using Powershell

      Alfwyn Jordan, 31 July 2020

      We’d previously set up a client with an Azure Active Directory B2C, and now we were receiving complaints about the clients’ passwords expiring.To remedy this, we needed to change the password policy, and not just for one or two users but for all the users. The quickest method was to use the Azure Ac

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    • How Learning to Fly improved my Software Development Process - Checklists

      Gayan Perera, 30 July 2020

      I started learning to fly about 15 years ago because I got bored writing code and it’s something I’d always wanted to do. As I started learning to fly, the instructors would always make a point to use checklists. Then, I started to see that the concepts being taught in aviation could be applied to t

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    • Ensuring a Quality Dynamics 365 System

      Roshan Mehta, 27 July 2020

      One of my main responsibilities as a Technical Lead at Magnetism is to make sure that we deliver a quality system to our clients. When you buy a brand-new car, you wouldn’t be happy if there was even the tiniest scratch on it, so why would you settle for a brand-new system that is cluttered, confusi

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