• Working As One and difficult conversations

      Shalane Williams, 20 October 2020

      Working As One is a core value here at Magnetism. It’s not only about working as one with each other internally so we can effectively deliver a project; it’s also about working in partnership with our clients. I had a great chat with a client yesterday and he mentioned that he sees us as just one te

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    • What's in Your Self-Care Toolbox?

      Shalane Williams, 16 September 2020

      It’s Wednesday afternoon. The to-do list has increased by 50% since the beginning of the week. There’s only 2 days left of the working week. At this point, the cortisol in your body starts rising, stress and anxiety creeping up as the prospect of working another weekend fills you with dread. Sound f

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    • Working As One During Isolation

      Shalane Williams, 01 May 2020

      How quick things change! A month or so ago, we lived a seemingly normal existence: school, work, going to the gym, catching up with mates at the pub or the beach and venturing further than our front door. A few weeks ago, we were forced to adjust to a new normal and for many that’s meant making home

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    • Getting Clear on Success Criteria

      Shalane Williams, 05 December 2019

      You’ve commissioned the build of a brand-new CRM, replacing an existing system or upgrading your older version of CRM. It’s been delivered, everyone’s excited to use it but how do you know it’s been a success?Being on time and on budget is a project manager’s goal and a measure of project success. H

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    • The not so secret key to CRM implementation success

      Shalane Williams, 07 May 2019

      You’ve commissioned a shiny new CRM 6 months ago. You’ve gone through the analysis and design phase; development is done and the final system testing by your CRM partner is in progress. Excitement is mounting, you can’t wait to get your hands on it! BUT, have you thought about what your plan is to t

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    • Ten Strategies to Increase CRM User Adoption

      Shalane Williams, 16 July 2018

      “We’ve decided to implement Dynamics CRM in our business. We believe it will improve what we do. Full training will be provided.” I hope that this isn’t the usual communication provided by businesses when making the decision to use CRM. I would like to think there’s a bit more fanfare and excitement

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    • Defining User WIIFM When Implementing Change

      Shalane Williams, 11 May 2018

      I recently had a discussion with one of our customers about business change and Dynamics CRM and my experiences around that. One of the surprising outcomes of that discussion was around defining WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) for the user. I realised that all too often, WIIFM is defined at an organisa

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    • Understanding Change Management within an Organisation

      Shalane Williams, 29 November 2017

      Stephen R Covey said that “Priority is a function of context.” When implementing change within an organisation, it’s unlikely that you’ll get priority until the context of the change is explained. Something that often gets neglected is the understanding of what change is, the impact it’ll have and

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    • How to Manage Iterative Projects using JIRA

      Shalane Williams, 27 November 2017

      Project delivery using an iterative approach appears to have become the norm over the last couple of years. Using a waterfall methodology, though effective, can be a long process & if your organisation is rapidly changing, you could find that the requirements defined in the beginning is no longe

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    • Our commitment to customer experience when implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      Shalane Williams, 26 February 2016

      Customer service satisfaction has long been an area of interest & passion of mine. I was fortunate enough to coach on customer service delivery in a corporate environment & have therefore seen first-hand the impact of both good and bad service. Client/customer experience is a buzzword that’s

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