• Dynamics 365 User View Recap

      Roz Millar, 09 November 2020

      I recently was asked “What should we do with records owned by someone leaving the team?” If the records can’t be re-assigned to the person taking over the leaving team member’s role, there is the option to have them owned by the team until they can be reassigned. But to do this don’t forget:1. The t

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    • Tips on Using DocumentsCorePack in Dynamics 365 For Better Documents

      Roz Millar, 22 June 2018

      DocumentsCorePack is an add-on for document generation and management based on Dynamics 365 data.  It uses XML like the out of the box Word Templates but has more functionality such as combining with workflows to produce documents automatically, sending documents via email automatically, produc

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    • Six Techniques to Elicit Requirements Effectively

      Roz Millar, 22 October 2017

      I recently watched a webinar from the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) called Elicitation without Alienation. The webinar was presented by Francine Wolfe, Sr. Business Analysis Consultant. The topic was chosen as BA’s (business analysts) are often perceived negatively - they are n

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    • Excel Template Gotcha in Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Roz Millar, 21 October 2017

      I recently needed to create an Excel template for a customer.  My scenario:The template was to be based on appointments that were ‘Regarding’ a specific record type . It needs to group the time spent on each of the appointments based on a value from the regarding record.Customer has Microsoft D

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    • CRM Online - No Option to buy Additional Storage for Non Profit Organisations

      Roz Millar, 19 July 2015

      I had one of our Non-profit customers contact me recently. They had received the 80% storage warning message about their CRM and wanted to buy Additional Storage. Not understanding what the issue was, I sent them through the instructions on the steps involved via the Office 365 admin centre. B

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    • Dynamics CRM – Security Role Automatically Assigned to imported Teams

      Roz Millar, 09 June 2015

      I recently had to set up team ownership in Dynamics CRM for 1600 Accounts across 40+ Teams. Because of these large numbers, I decided to use the out-of-the-box Import Wizard to speed up the process. I started with the data import template available for the Team entity and entered the informati

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    • Have you checked out CRM-Project?

      Roz Millar, 08 May 2013

      A couple of weeks ago I went on CRM-Project training course.  I was doing the training for a couple of reasons: 1. We use CRM-Project and we wanted to make sure we were getting the most out of it 2. We were planning to start selling CRM-Project and wanted to make sure we would be givi

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