• How to Create Surveys using Microsoft Forms Pro

      Megha Kainth, 28 August 2019

      With Forms Pro, Microsoft has made it easy to Create Surveys, Send Surveys and View Responses. Forms Pro is a survey solution that builds on the current survey-creation experience of Microsoft Forms in Office 365. It helps you capture and analyse survey responses. In this blog post, I will show you

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    • Setting up a Trial Environment in Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and Exchange

      Sean Roque, 15 August 2019

      Often when making Email Configurations and changes to Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, we want to be able to test these before applying them to avoid issues and ensure correctness. This guide is a quick tutorial to setup a trial environment for Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, so we can test all those qui

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    • Power Platform Licensing

      John Eccles, 18 June 2019

      Power Platform unlocks the potential of Dynamics 365 and Office 365. It opens the door for non-software developer users within organisations to manage data and electronic forms, automate business processes and enable mobility. An organisation needs licensing to use Power Platform. In this blog, I wa

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    • Using Document Templates in Dynamics 365

      Ronelle Raath, 16 May 2019

      Why use Document Templates in Dynamics 365? Having document templates set up can improve document quality across the whole business. It can save time by having a document populated with Dynamics 365 data with just a few clicks as well as ensure a consistent look and feel out to your customers.I have

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    • Dynamics 365 CRM v9 is Slow!

      Gayan Perera, 10 May 2019

      Now that I've got your attention, the truth: Dynamics 365 CRM v9 is actually very quick! The Power Platform team has done an amazing job getting screens to load within a couple of seconds. This of course is the case for the majority of people using the platform. However, sometimes, you’ll hear comme

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    • Enable Entities for Dynamics 365 for Outlook

      Megha Kainth, 15 April 2019

      Dynamics 365 App for Outlook lets you create activities, track emails, create records in CRM from Outlook. Some out of the box entities are searchable by default - for example Account, Contacts and Leads. Some entities such as custom entities aren’t available in the app out of the box. To allow use

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    • Combine Columns to Import Data in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 11 April 2019

      Recently, one of our clients was having trouble while importing data in Dynamics 365. They exported data from another system to import into Dynamics 365. That system has fields for First Name and Last Name but has no combined field for Full Name. They exported the data in a csv file and wanted to i

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    • Share PowerApps with Another User

      Megha Kainth, 30 November 2018

      PowerApps can easily be shared with another user from the same organisation. To share your app, sign in to PowerApps. Click on Apps. Select your App from the list and Click Share. Enter user’s name or email address. Check the Co-owner tick box if you would like the user to edit and share the app. Cl

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    • Create PowerApps using Data from Excel

      Megha Kainth, 29 November 2018

      PowerApps can be created using data from an Excel spreadsheet. Users can create their tables in Excel and upload it to OneDrive. In this blog, we will learn – how to create a PowerApp using Data from Excel. Open a worksheet in Excel and insert a table to it. Add some data such as First Name, Last Na

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    • Connecting a Bot Framework Bot to Cortana as a Skill

      Jordan Hohepa, 25 July 2018

      Microsoft’s Bot Framework allows developers to easily create and deploy bots to many different channels, one of which being a Cortana channel. Once your bot has been developed and is ready to publish, you can make this available for use by Cortana as a ‘Cortana Skill’. You can find more information

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    • Connecting Cortana and Office 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 27 June 2018

      If you have Windows 10 then chances are that you also have Cortana, which is an Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant. Cortana can perform many tasks like creating reminders, searching online with Bing, tracking flights, etc. This can all be done from the start menu using either your voice or i

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    • Troubleshooting Customisation Synchronization Issues with the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 24 May 2018

      Magnetism recently deployed some customisations to the Appointment form in Microsoft Dynamics 365. One of the changes made were new option set values on an existing option set field called Type. System users use Dynamics 365 with the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook to track Outlook items to Activities

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    • How to Enable Hardware Acceleration in Windows 10

      Adam Murchison, 04 April 2018

      For whatever reason you may need to enable hardware acceleration, in my case I needed to run an Android emulator within Visual Studio. Simply access your BIOS (Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery. Under the Advanced Startup section press ‘Restart Now’ and your pc will restart.  

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    • Warning and Failure Actions in Dynamics 365 SLAs

      Jasper Marri, 27 March 2018

      In my previous blog,  I discussed how can we create an SLA and activate it for the Case entity in Dynamics 365. This blog expands on the SLA functionality by adding an automated email to notify the customer service manager that an SLA is about to expire and also when expired. This provides visi

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    • How to Create Bulk Bugs in TFS using Excel

      Megha Kainth, 05 December 2017

      One of the most time-consuming tasks for a Software Tester is logging defects. It can take a good amount of time to create a lot of bugs in TFS manually but doing it via Excel is more efficient. With Excel, you can create all your bugs in less time and import them to TFS as a flat list. In this blog

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