• How to add Knowledge Base Articles in Power Apps Portals

      Dominic Liu, 04 August 2022

      Recently, I have been working on a Power Apps Portal project, and our customers requirement is to add Knowledge Base Articles (KB Articles) on the portal webpages so that they can easily change the content inside Dynamics 365, here are two ways to add KB Articles on the webpage.Table PermissionsTabl

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    • Lookup Fields on Power Apps Portal

      Dominic Liu, 02 July 2022

      Lookup fields can define views that display different sets of values from the associated entity. We often use lookup fields in Dynamics 365 to handle the relationships between tables. However, if you have a lookup field on your table that is linked to a reference table, the view is not related as we

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    • Restrict Power Apps Portals to Administrators

      Dominic Liu, 17 May 2022

      Website maintenance is important for all organisations, both big and small. Regularly maintaining your site will improve performance and provide a safe and secure environment for your visitors. In other situations like deploying new updates to the website, the website will need to be entirely blocke

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    • How to upload files in canvas app

      Dominic Liu, 03 March 2022

      If you want to allow your Canvas App user to upload documents and saved in your database, but when you search for all the out of box Canvas App input components you can’t find one that support all types of documents, that is because Microsoft currently only has two types of input components for file

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    • Introducing Command Checker for Model-Driven App ribbons

      Dominic Liu, 10 February 2022

      Command Checker is a Microsoft feature that can help you to get the best and most knowledge at Model-Driven App interface level. You can also check the Enable Rule, Display Rule and Action all in the App so you don’t need to rely on other third-party tools. You can find more information from this li

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    • Monitor CRM Users Personal Options with Power Automate

      Dominic Liu, 03 March 2021

      If you are the Dynamics 365 System Administrator for your organisation, sometimes there are issues or even potential risks when a user changes their personal settings. For example, if user changed their email tracking to all email messages, Dynamics 365 would track all the emails from your inbox and

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    • Get Items from a SharePoint List using Power Automate with ODATA Filters

      Dominic Liu, 19 November 2020

      When you use ‘Get items’ action from Power Automate, it will bring back a list of items from your SharePoint List. This however can take a good amount of time for the Flow to run if you have a large number of items in your SharePoint List. On top of that this action is limited at 5000 items, which m

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    • How to Embed a Canvas App on a Model-Driven App Form

      Dominic Liu, 16 November 2020

      Canvas Apps enable makers to easily design and create custom layouts and themes using the low-code, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Canvas App designer. With embedded Canvas Apps, you can bring the power of Canvas Apps to your Dynamics 365 Model-Driven App forms. Canvas Apps are designed to b

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