• Efficient Contract Management with E-Signatures

      Sarah Coleman, 11 May 2020

      With most of New Zealand working from home at the moment I’ve been thinking about the challenges of keeping contract management and project approvals ticking along. Currently New Zealand businesses will be facing constraints of people not being physically in the same room, not all contract signers/a

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    • Beat the Bloat: Assessing your Dynamics 365 Data Storage

      Sarah Coleman, 26 August 2019

      Is your D365 instance getting a bit bloated?  This blog will take you through how to find out which entity tables are the biggest offenders and will give you some ideas on how to trim some excess storage or prevent it accumulating in the first place.These days, to find your company’s D365 data

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    • Creating Entity Specific Interactive Dashboards in the Unified Interface

      Sarah Coleman, 30 July 2019

      There are several entity-specific dashboards included in the Sales and Customer Service hubs in the unified interface; you’ll find them on records like accounts, leads, opportunities and cases.  But if these don’t meet your requirements, it is straightforward to create your own – either for cus

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    • Formatting Dates in DocumentsCorePack Templates

      Sarah Coleman, 10 July 2019

      Have you ever wondered how to change the format of a date that is merged into a DocumentsCorePack template?  There are plenty of formatting options at your fingertips - read on to learn how to go beyond the standard dd/MM/yyyy format.After inserting a date merge field into your DocumentsCorePac

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    • Features of Email Marketing with ClickDimensions

      Sarah Coleman, 21 May 2019

      ClickDimensions Email Marketing contains some great features which allow marketers to create effective emails and complex campaigns. At the time of writing this blog, the components outlined below are not yet available in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.Split (A/B) testingThis feature enables marketers t

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