• Changes to Auditing in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 21 April 2022

      Microsoft has just recently release changes to the way you can manage Audit records/logs in dynamics 365. Before these changes, audit logs could be visible individually through records under auditing or as grouped quarterly partitions. There wasn’t a whole lot you could do to maintain logs other th

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    • Filter a Lookup on a Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 30 June 2021

      I was wanting to create a filtered look up on a BFP that showed cities based on the selected country that was a field within a form. Developing on from my colleague Sean’s blog, I came across an issue, where if the field was changed, the filter was not updating.After investigating the issue, I solve

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    • Dynamically Scaling Alert Dialogue Box in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 23 June 2021

      If you have used Alert Dialogue boxes before in Dynamics 365, you will have noticed that they do not scale dynamically when there is a lot of text. Instead, the out of the box functionality has a default size and displays a scroll bar. This can become messy if there is a case when your Alert Dialogu

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    • Filtering data with the Dynamics 365 Web API

      Calum Jacobs, 26 February 2021

      In this blog, I will show you how to use the Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords endpoint, which I used to show or hide fields on a form based on whether a parent Account record had child Office records.To do this I used the following query:Now there are plenty of blogs explaining briefly how to use

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    • Quick Find not showing all results in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 22 October 2020

      There’s an interesting issue right now within Dynamics 356 where Quick Find views are not showing the correct number of results, and instead are defaulting to 25. The example below shows that I have searched for “ca” within the Active Accounts view. It should return more than 25 results, but only 25

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