• Modifying Azure Active Directory B2C Password Policies using Powershell

      Alfwyn Jordan, 31 July 2020

      We’d previously set up a client with an Azure Active Directory B2C, and now we were receiving complaints about the clients’ passwords expiring.To remedy this, we needed to change the password policy, and not just for one or two users but for all the users. The quickest method was to use the Azure Ac

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    • How Learning to Fly improved my Software Development Process - Checklists

      Gayan Perera, 30 July 2020

      I started learning to fly about 15 years ago because I got bored writing code and it’s something I’d always wanted to do. As I started learning to fly, the instructors would always make a point to use checklists. Then, I started to see that the concepts being taught in aviation could be applied to t

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    • Ensuring a Quality Dynamics 365 System

      Roshan Mehta, 27 July 2020

      One of my main responsibilities as a Technical Lead at Magnetism is to make sure that we deliver a quality system to our clients. When you buy a brand-new car, you wouldn’t be happy if there was even the tiniest scratch on it, so why would you settle for a brand-new system that is cluttered, confusi

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    • The Low Code, No Code Revolution

      Ryan Ingram, 23 July 2020

      What is it? Can it help my organisation? What are the benefits and some pitfalls?Low-Code, No Code is a term that has been discussed a lot recently and we’re seeing a few of our clients turn their hand at this with the Power Platform as a viable alternative to traditional custom development. As we w

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    • The Never-Ending Story : Learning to Learn

      Jaime Smith, 21 July 2020

      The past few months has provided time for me to reflect on the good work that we do and how we can do it better, doing good is not enough. Better is a never-ending story and it is possible when the focus is on growth not solely on achievement. However, it is too easy to “get on with the job” and foc

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    • New Dialog Builder PCF Custom Control for Dynamics 365 AppSource

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 20 July 2020

      Our Dialog Builder app (formerly Alert.js) was recently re-approved for Microsoft AppSource, and with it comes a new PCF Custom Control that allows you to build dialogs right from within the custom control UI, without having to write any custom code.This PCF control is exclusive to the AppSource ver

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    • How Can Software Developers Stay Up To Date?

      John Eccles, 17 July 2020

      Magnetism has long been committed to excellence through mastery. It’s a core value. Even in our specialisation (systems based on D365 and the Power Platform) the technology is advancing faster than ever before so ongoing professional development is crucial to our success. We make time for our entire

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    • Knowing Why Makes the Doing Easier

      Gayan Perera, 15 July 2020

      As a director and CTO of Magnetism I’m always trying to inspire, encourage and motivate people to be a better version of themselves. Until recently, I had been putting inspiration, encouragement and motivation into the same bucket. The result of this mindset was that I could clearly see who was supe

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    • All new Dialog Builder (Alert.js) Supported Code for Dynamics 365

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 13 July 2020

      Alert.js -> Dialog BuilderWe’ve been hard at work recently making some major changes to our Alert.js product. One of the changes we’ve been wanting to make for a while now is in the name, Alert.js. When this product was first created back in 2015, its original use was limited to creating alert/co

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    • Using Entity Hierarchy in a Dynamics 365 Rollup Field

      Isaac Stephens, 10 July 2020

      Rollup fields are great for aggregating data from related records. Dynamics 365 has a nice extra option with rollup fields, where they allow you to easily rollup data from child fields by turning on ‘Use Hierarchy’, after selecting the Source. An example of this is shown below, this example counts t

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    • Testing your Azure Function within Azure

      Adam Murchison, 08 July 2020

      Testing your Azure function from a queue, HTTP request or another trigger can be a pain especially when you’re waiting for the Application Insights to show the log as it can take up to 5 minutes. You can test your function directly within Azure with real-time logging.How to navigate to test/run in A

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    • Creating a toast notification in Dynamics 365 using JavaScript

      Jared Johnson, 06 July 2020

      I have seen a few comments here and there about how to create a toast notification using JavaScript. Toast notifications were introduced in the Unified Interface pop up for things like creating a record via quick create. This is where the addGlobalNotification function comes in. If you read the link

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    • Adding Custom Fields to the Dynamics Marketing Events Portal

      Jordan Hohepa, 30 June 2020

      With Dynamics 365 Marketing you can directly connect D365 with a customer-facing portal for managing Events. This Event Portal is built using the Angular framework and fetches data from Dynamics 365 using an Events API configured by Microsoft. Although you can customize the entire frontend by downlo

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    • Exploring the Common Data Service (current environment) Connector

      Sean Roque, 29 June 2020

      In Power Automate, the original Common Data Service connector is intuitive, but it certainly has its limitations. Primarily, when deploying a Power Automate Flow across environments, the generic connector required manual reconfiguring to ensure the connectors are pointing to the correct environment.

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    • Agile Is Not What You Think It Is

      Harshani Perera, 26 June 2020

      When you hear or see the word Agile, you might have some animosity towards it. Concepts such as scrum, sprints, user stories, daily stand up meetings, sticky notes and planning Poker may come to mind. However, I can say that none of these things make you agile. In the current IT industry, it may hav

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