New Dynamics 365 tool lets you export your CRM data to PDF in minutes

Paul Nieuwelaar, 17 April 2023

Exporting your CRM data in PDF format is now available for free with features allowing you to customize your PDF file before you download it.

Currently, Microsoft only offers exporting CRM data to read-only, non-customizable PDF files available only on Dynamics 365 Sales Premium, Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, and Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. This feature has been made available only to anyone with primary sales roles such as salesperson or sales manager.

With these limitations, capturing your CRM data is a painstaking job which may take several manhours to accomplish. There is no way to do it but to take screenshots of the parts you need or to manually copy and paste the data to any word document and convert it to PDF file. With this time-consuming process, your response time to your customers’ CRM data request may slow down affecting their customer experience with you.

We created Infinity Buttons – Record to PDF to help you address these problems. We have designed a convenient and efficient way for you to easily share your CRM data in PDF format in just a few clicks.


Simplified export to PDF command

Our Infinity Buttons – Record to PDF is automatically available in any part of your CRM system. Just click the Infinity Button drop-down menu and click the Export to PDF. You’ll immediately see a preview of the data you wish to export.


Customizable PDF theme

You can also customize your PDF’s theme to give your desired output a professional appearance. Just go to the list of your Solutions in your Power Apps page. Select Infinity Buttons and click Overview.


Under the Configuration Page, click View Page.


On the popup dialog, you'll see the different parts of the PDF that you can customize. You can input the hex code of the color you want if you know it.


You can also click on the color box and use the color picker tool integrated in the customization section.


There will be more exciting features that will be added to this tool in the future. You can now have this tool permanently for free on your Dynamics 365. Contact us for more information if you want to know more about the product.