• Custom Emails to multiple Signees using DocumentsCorePack and DocuSign

      Arthur Mandisodza, 02 August 2021

      In this blog I am going to talk about a use case that the out of the box solution could not solve…yet. A client we worked with wanted to send a document to two recipients and each recipient needed to receive a customized email that had a different subject and email body. We put many heads together a

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    • Are you ready for a virtual agent?

      John Eccles, 30 July 2021

      Virtual AgentA virtual agent (or virtual assistant or chatbot) is software that uses scripted rules and, increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) to provide automated service or guidance to customers or employees.Virtual agents offer the promise of 24/7 service and significant efficiencies as huma

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    • Fixing See All Associated Records from a Sub-Grid in Dynamics 365

      Adam Murchison, 29 July 2021

      While using Dynamics 365 recently, I encountered an error where I was not able to view associated records related to a specific record. I was instead navigated to all records for the given associated entity, below will be an example of this and how to fix the issue.Example of the issueAs described,

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    • Configure Power BI Line and Stacked Column charts for Targets

      Colin Maitland, 26 July 2021

      In this article, I will demonstrate how to configure a Line and Stacked Column chart in a Power BI report to display Won Revenue and Open Revenue against Sales Targets and Target Remaining for Opportunities from Dynamics 365. This demonstration highlights a useful approach for using this type of cha

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    • 10 Tips for Beginner Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) Users

      Harshani Perera, 08 July 2021

      Power Automate (previously Flow) is a tool within the Power Platform that can help automate tasks and processes. It can also connect different applications and services together. As a beginner to Power Automate it can be daunting at first in trying to figure out how it all works for someone who is n

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    • How can we improve our productivity?

      John Eccles, 05 July 2021

      The productivity dilemmaA recent report from the New Zealand Productivity Commission, Productivity by the numbers, paints a bleak picture of the productivity of NZ compared to other OECD countries. But it’s not just us - measured productivity growth in recent times has been weak globally.Productivit

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    • Install Custom PCF Controls in Dynamics 365 9.1 On-Premises

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 01 July 2021

      Until now, custom PCF controls have only been available for Dynamics 365 Online. If you tried to install a PCF control in a version 9.0 on-premise environment, you would receive an error stating ‘This action is not supported’. With the release of 9.1 for on-premises, and with a little bit of magic,

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    • Filter a Lookup on a Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 30 June 2021

      I was wanting to create a filtered look up on a BFP that showed cities based on the selected country that was a field within a form. Developing on from my colleague Sean’s blog, I came across an issue, where if the field was changed, the filter was not updating.After investigating the issue, I solve

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    • How to Run Test Cases in Azure DevOps

      Harshani Perera, 28 June 2021

      In Software testing, test cases are the step-by-step instructions carried out to verify the behaviour of a Software application. There are many tools to write test cases such as Excel, XMind, Testing tools or even Word. Azure DevOps is also a tool that provides the ability to create test cases easil

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    • Dynamically setting the Y-Axis on multiple Charts in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 27 June 2021

      In this article, I will demonstrate how to dynamically align the end value for the Y axis between two corresponding charts in Power BI. This demonstration will use of the example of displaying Won sales versus Lost Sales by Fiscal Quarter.A common approach to comparing values, such as Won Sales vers

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    • Dynamically Scaling Alert Dialogue Box in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 23 June 2021

      If you have used Alert Dialogue boxes before in Dynamics 365, you will have noticed that they do not scale dynamically when there is a lot of text. Instead, the out of the box functionality has a default size and displays a scroll bar. This can become messy if there is a case when your Alert Dialogu

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    • Dynamics for Marketing Send Now button on Marketing Email

      Adam Murchison, 17 June 2021

      Dynamics for Marketing allows you to bypass the manual use of segments and customer journeys to send Marketing Emails through the send now button, although customer journeys and a static segment are generated in the background to track the insights. This accompanies the test send functionality which

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