• Install Custom PCF Controls in Dynamics 365 9.1 On-Premises

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 01 July 2021

      Until now, custom PCF controls have only been available for Dynamics 365 Online. If you tried to install a PCF control in a version 9.0 on-premise environment, you would receive an error stating ‘This action is not supported’. With the release of 9.1 for on-premises, and with a little bit of magic,

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    • Filter a Lookup on a Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 30 June 2021

      I was wanting to create a filtered look up on a BFP that showed cities based on the selected country that was a field within a form. Developing on from my colleague Sean’s blog, I came across an issue, where if the field was changed, the filter was not updating.After investigating the issue, I solve

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    • How to Run Test Cases in Azure DevOps

      Harshani Perera, 28 June 2021

      In Software testing, test cases are the step-by-step instructions carried out to verify the behaviour of a Software application. There are many tools to write test cases such as Excel, XMind, Testing tools or even Word. Azure DevOps is also a tool that provides the ability to create test cases easil

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    • Dynamically setting the Y-Axis on multiple Charts in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 27 June 2021

      In this article, I will demonstrate how to dynamically align the end value for the Y axis between two corresponding charts in Power BI. This demonstration will use of the example of displaying Won sales versus Lost Sales by Fiscal Quarter.A common approach to comparing values, such as Won Sales vers

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    • Dynamically Scaling Alert Dialogue Box in Dynamics 365

      Calum Jacobs, 23 June 2021

      If you have used Alert Dialogue boxes before in Dynamics 365, you will have noticed that they do not scale dynamically when there is a lot of text. Instead, the out of the box functionality has a default size and displays a scroll bar. This can become messy if there is a case when your Alert Dialogu

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    • Dynamics for Marketing Send Now button on Marketing Email

      Adam Murchison, 17 June 2021

      Dynamics for Marketing allows you to bypass the manual use of segments and customer journeys to send Marketing Emails through the send now button, although customer journeys and a static segment are generated in the background to track the insights. This accompanies the test send functionality which

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    • Updating addresses in Dynamics 365 with an embedded Canvas App

      Colin Maitland, 15 June 2021

      In this article I will demonstrate how to update the addresses for a Contact in Dynamics 365 using a Canvas App that is embedded in a Model Driven App Contract.This image shows the embedded Canvas App. The app is displayed on a tab named Addresses on a Model Driven App Contact Form. You learn how to

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    • Software Application Add-ins and Add-ons

      John Eccles, 14 June 2021

      What are they and what’s the difference?An add-in is a software program that expands the capabilities of bigger programs. It is a term commonly used by Microsoft and other platforms which have additional functions that can be added to primary programs. An add-on is a software extension that adds ext

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    • Get Replies to Teams Thread in Power Automate with Graph API

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 19 May 2021

      The Microsoft Teams connector for Power Automate is a bit limited when it comes to messages and replies. With the built in Teams connector, we can only get ALL messages in a channel, using the “Get messages (preview)” action. If we want to get just the replies to a specific Teams message, we can use

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    • Renewing your Microsoft Certifications - for free!

      Isaac Stephens, 17 May 2021

      Sitting Microsoft Exams is a great way to prove your skills and gain ‘Certifications’. These Certification are now only valid for 1 year after a recent change by Microsoft. However, if you are sitting a Fundamentals exam these currently do not have an expiry date. As you can see below, I have the Po

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    • Are You Customer-Centric?

      John Eccles, 28 April 2021

      You should be customer-centric “The purpose of a business is to get and keep a customer. Without customers, no amount of engineering wizardry, clever financing, or operations expertise can keep a company going.” Theodore Levitt“The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer.

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