Fixing See All Associated Records from a Sub-Grid in Dynamics 365

Adam Murchison, 29 July 2021

While using Dynamics 365 recently, I encountered an error where I was not able to view associated records related to a specific record. I was instead navigated to all records for the given associated entity, below will be an example of this and how to fix the issue.

Example of the issue

As described, when navigating to all associated records through a sub-grid there’s a possibility that you’re navigated to a view of all records rather than just the associated ones, lets go through an example below.

I’ll show this example with the Account and Contact relationship, where we try to see the associated Contacts against an Account.

As you can see through the above screenshot’s the button to see all Contacts against this Account the button says ‘See all records’. When you click the button it navigates you to the entity as shown below.

This here is an unexpected list of contacts, as you can see in the ‘Parent Organisation’ column, the desired outcome was to only looking at Contacts who are associated to ‘Magnetism Solutions Ltd’.

Fixing this issue

This is a peculiar fix, you have to add the related entity into the ‘Related’ tab as the underlying navigation of ‘See all associated records’ takes you to this area, so without it on the form causes this issue.

You can see here, the ‘Contact’ entity isn’t in the related tab.

We simply add the ‘Contact’ into the related through the form editor and this now allows us to view related records through the sub-grid.

Now that we have contacts in the related tab, when we select the three dots on a sub-grid we get the wording ‘See associated records’ (As seen below). This shows you all records that are associated to the current record (in this case Magnetism Solutions Ltd).

When selecting ‘See associated records’ the below appears.

In conclusion, it may not be obvious to all that the functionality of a sub-grid changes depending on the entities appearing in the ‘related’ tab of the form. I hope this helps you overcome this issue in your Dynamics 365 instance.