Custom Emails to multiple Signees using DocumentsCorePack and DocuSign

Arthur Mandisodza, 02 August 2021

In this blog I am going to talk about a use case that the out of the box solution could not solve…yet. A client we worked with wanted to send a document to two recipients and each recipient needed to receive a customized email that had a different subject and email body.

We put many heads together and came up with a solution. We had a look at the way DocuSign sends emails to signees. We discovered that the XML Master resource file could be modified to customize the emails that were sent out from DocuSign.

The solution utilized the Master Email Resource file in DocuSign and the new DocumentsCorePack solution that MSCRM-Addons support provided for this use case. We created custom workflows for our entities that runs a custom workflow activity to generate an XML file that will be used by DocuSign to send emails. clip_image002


Our plugin takes the fields from the MSCRM Addons Template table. Each template has an email subject and body associated with the required recipients. The plugin takes these fields and edits the XML with the required subject and body for the recipients.

Our Custom workflow gets GUID from the DCPAutoMergeWorkingItem in order to find the ID of the template used.

Once when know which template was used, we are able to retrieve the subject and body fields from the template record. We have logic as well that allows third recipient to be used depending on the template selected. This solved an issue on making this solution dynamic.

The XML contains placeholder fields that will be populated with the subject and body as well as all the other fields that we need. This is then sent back to be used for signing.

It is then returned and used as the master resource file to send out emails from DocuSign.



Figure 4: Example of XML that is sent

This solved a huge hurdle for our use case but also opened the door for the DocumentsCorePack and DocuSign integration with CRM.