• Change How Data is Handled in a Merge Operation in Dynamics CRM

      Zoe Sands, 02 November 2015

      When writing a plugin on the “Merge” message in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are three entities you need to work with – although the merge function in CRM is only performed on two records at a time. These are the “Master”, “Subordinate”, and “UpdateContent” entities. When a merge is performed, a t

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    • Workaround for Deleting Option Descriptions in Option Sets

      Isaac Stephens, 14 October 2015

      When editing option descriptions in an option set field, sometimes Dynamics CRM won’t let you delete the description if it already has contents. This can be problematic if you’ve mistakenly entered something into the description of an option and then need to remove it, as happened to me recently.

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    • Integrating Vend with CRM 2015 using Webhooks

      Ahmed Anwar, 08 October 2015

      Concept of Webhooks Vend has its own REST APIs that can be called using .NET or any other platform. For example retrieving all customers by calling the /api/customers end point. However due to certain limitations, the Vend team introduced a new concept of accessing data via Webhooks. Webhooks are no

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    • 9 Tips to Drive CRM Strategy

      John Eccles, 06 October 2015

      CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is NOT primarily a software technology. Rather, CRM is a business strategy.  Hence the rationale for implementing CRM must be because it is a good strategy for your organisation. Here is my working definition of CRM: “CRM is the business strategy to acqui

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - What's coming

      Gayan Perera, 09 September 2015

      The Dynamics CRM team at Microsoft are doing an amazing job rolling out releases with great features. Here are some of our favourite new features. Modern Design The modern design reduces the number of clicks and eases navigation by pulling together relevant information from multiple locations. 

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