How do you keep ahead of the game with the Power Platform?

Gayan Perera, 14 August 2019

I was recently asked “How do you keep ahead of the game with all of this new tech?” Well, the simple answer is that it’s in our DNA as a company. Since #LearnItAll is finally starting to hit home to many in the industry. This is how I responded:

Going right back to the inception of Magnetism, there was a tonne of curiosity, a desire to learn, learn it well, apply it well and in the years since we are still as curious as ever.


Our passion, mission and values are key to ensuring everyone is aiming at the same target. For example, our mission is to work as one with our clients to help them realise their potential through our smart use of technology. Broken down this is: 

1. We help our clients realise their potential
2. Through our smart use of technology

The whole reason for our existence is to help our clients help their clients. This keeps us focused outward rather than on ourselves. It ensures we make decisions that deliver better outcomes for our clients.

We do that through our smart use of technology. To be able to use technology smartly, we need to know it amazingly well!


Who we are and how we behave as people at Magnetism, in other words, our values, backs up our mission. For example, one of our values is excellence through mastery. The internal saying for this is ‘We deliberately practice pushing our boundaries to greater heights’.

Our KPIs are also geared toward learning. We have ZERO KPIs that hold you to a billable amount or hours per week/month/quarter/year! Rather we develop and encourage behaviour that encourage learning, and application of that learning to real word scenarios.

We make paid time available for everyone to professionally develop, through proof of concept projects that are learning-based, as well as paying for exams and courses.

So, if you really want a #LearnItAll culture, the entire organization will need to have it in its blood! You can only motivate people with pool tables, table tennis tables, foosball, free drinks etc for so long.