Electronic Signing Made Affordable and Easy

Gayan Perera, 19 August 2020

There are several electronic signing solutions out there in the market. However, they are expensive, have features locked behind paywalls, hard to integrate with, don’t work well on a mobile, and the minute you say you’re an enterprise the price goes way up.


Well, that pain is now over. We found a solution called Annature. It is a modern electronic signing solution that’s mobile first, developer friendly, on a pay as you go model as low as 80c, unlimited team members, all features available without additional costs and much more.

Some of the biggest advantages over the likes of HelloSign, Adobe DocuSign, and Adobe Sign are:

1. Data sovereignty – Data resides in Australia giving you comfort that your documents are where they should be.
2. Timeline tracking – Court-admissible audit trails; a complete automated history of every event that occurs on your documents.
3. Send documents by SMS – We know emails are filling up everyone’s inbox; especially in this locked down world we live in. SMS is the fastest way to get a response!
4. Pay as you go per document – Whether you’re an enterprise sending 10 documents or a small company sending 10 documents, the price you pay is the same per document, the features you get are the same. You’re not made to pay because of your size!

If you’d like to benefit from Digital Signatures / Electronic Signing, get in touch with us!

Integration between Annature and Dynamics 365 / Power Platform coming soon!