Microsoft Dynamics Marketing just got a whole lot better with the Wave 2 Release

Gayan Perera, 15 October 2020

As part of the Microsoft Power Platform 2020 Wave 2 release, the Marketing module has gotten a major overhaul in terms of usability and user experience. I’m super excited about these updates because they make marketing users’ lives so much better!

These updates are also bringing Dynamics Marketing on par with other marketing tools out there. The biggest benefit in using Dynamics Marketing is that, all your customer data is in the same location/database. This means, you don’t need to extract/import data to different places.

Here is a quick rundown of the updates applied to the customer journey designer.

New look & feel

Icons are more intuitive and evenly spaced out; the performance is improved through less lag; dragging and dropping works great, when you click something it does what you expect it to do.


Easier to add, move & remove elements from the toolbox

You no longer need to fight the elements toolbox! Simply click the (+) icon to insert elements without switching back and forth between the toolbox and the designer canvas.


Drag & Drop elements using the drag handlebar.


Switching to full screen will give you more room than ever before!


Easily design long complex journeys by switching the designer view to horizontal or vertical.

For example, if you have a screen that’s set to portrait mode, switch the design view to vertical mode, which will give you a nice long view of the journey.


Editing the journey steps are so much easier.

When you click on an element, the toolbox/properties of the element can be edited on the right-hand side panel. Once you’ve specified the settings, simply click the close button (x). Settings are automatically applied and saved!


Journey stats are much easier to read

Insights such as records to process, processed, stopped, expired, delivered, opens, unique opens are displayed in an easy to read manner.


These are some nice improvements to the product which can only be made better in future releases.

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