Working As One During Isolation

Shalane Williams, 01 May 2020


How quick things change! A month or so ago, we lived a seemingly normal existence: school, work, going to the gym, catching up with mates at the pub or the beach and venturing further than our front door.

A few weeks ago, we were forced to adjust to a new normal and for many that’s meant making home their place of work too. Besides the concern around juggling parenting and working full time without the respite of school, my secondary concern was how communication with my team would be impacted. My role as a project manager means a high-level communication is required with both my team and clients. Gone are the days where I could get up from my desk and walk over to a team member and get a progress update.

The new normal potentially presented a challenge with getting the information I required for my role in a timely manner. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve reflected that it seems we are more connected with each other than before. Not only is this true in terms of our connection with our family and friends, but also with our colleagues. A desire to remain connected in a time where physical connection is being discouraged is driving the need to find other ways to connect.

Through our use of various platforms: we’re having video calls, using channels that have been set up for projects where we can continue collaborating, and at least three times a week we catch up as a full team just to check in and see how everyone’s going.

Technology has played an obvious critical part in this. From Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Hangouts, even Facebook; the need to engage in these technologies is even more apparent and people of all ages are now being actively involved in this. I have a friend whose baby shower has now moved to a virtual party on an app called Houseparty, organised by a 60-year-old!

The innovation that’s happening around remaining connected with each other really speaks to, not only the creative spirit of humanity, but the need to be connected with someone.

Working as One is a value of Magnetism that I’ve always felt deeply about. Through communication, engagement and trust, we can weather any storm while still providing exceptional service to our clients and each other internally.

So, don’t be afraid to switch on the video camera and share a funny background (safe for work please!). We’re all in this together.