Ten Strategies to Increase CRM User Adoption

Shalane Williams, 16 July 2018

“We’ve decided to implement Dynamics CRM in our business. We believe it will improve what we do. Full training will be provided.”

I hope that this isn’t the usual communication provided by businesses when making the decision to use CRM. I would like to think there’s a bit more fanfare and excitement when the announcement is made!


Implementing a CRM can be a big change not only for the business, but users too. It will undoubtedly change the way they do things and helping them understand the positives is essential for a successful implementation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun! Here are ten things you can do to create excitement and therefore, user buy-in, around CRM:

  1. Have a fun project name
    Getting users to name the project is a great way to involve them very early on! Some of the names we’ve come across include Wrangler, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Yoda!
  2. Create a fun theme
    In the case of project Yoda (which was actually an acronym!), each roll out, training session and document centred around Star Wars. Even the icons in CRM were Star Wars related.  I can confirm that there were lightsabres and even a re-enactment of a fight scene. How could users not get on board?!
  3. Have a countdown
    Make this visible to the business! You could have something as simple as “10 days till CRM” and update it daily. What would make this more effective would be doing something every day for a week leading up to Go Live day; just be sure to make it fun!
  4. Gamification
    Dynamics 365 has a gamification module so if that’s something you’d like to use within your teams, you can get the ball rolling before implementation. Quizzes or games (with prizes!) are a great way to get users on board. Want to know more? Check out this link: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/mscrm.f6d23ec7-255c-4bd8-8c99-dc041d5cb8b3?tab=Overview
  5. CRM Champions
    These people make all the difference. They are your super users and will keep the CRM flag flying high. They are users, but ensure they have influence within the team as they will nip those CRM grumblings in the bud! Most importantly, get them involved in requirements, training and UAT. Also consider setting up a user group post go live to ensure there’s continuous conversations on how to get more out of CRM to improve your business.
  6. Keep it simple
    There’s always the temptation to go overboard but keeping it simple can go a long way to maintaining user adoption. Having a CRM already changes the way they do things so try not to introduce new processes, too many fields on forms, etc. unless necessary. There can always be an enhancements phase!
  7. Training
    Effective training is important; if users don’t know how to use it then there’s very little chance of success. Invest time and resources into training; if CRM is important for your business then your users need to be comfortable with using it. Consider having a wide array of resources available to meet the needs of different users. In some instances, a training document works for some, but videos and online resources could prove more effective for others. Here’s an example of a video blog which could be used to support training:
    Gauge your audience and their learning needs when deciding.
  8. Post Go Live
    They’re using it but how do you maintain excitement? How about a CRM tip of the day? It’s quick, easy and maintains momentum with minimal effort.
  9. Feedback
    During UAT and Post Go Live, encourage feedback. Users will no doubt have useful recommendations. The most important part is to keep users in the loop. Acknowledge their feedback. Making valuable changes to CRM based on user feedback will strengthen their engagement with it.
  10. Show the value add
    “Implementing CRM will improve our business” What better way to maintain engagement by showing users how the business is improving. Show them the cool reporting, how much knowledge you’ve gained about customers and strategies you’re implementing as a result. Not only will this keep users engaged but will ensure that quality data is entered because they will now understand the importance of it.

CRM will add value to your business but users are your most important asset to drive this.