Our commitment to customer experience when implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Shalane Williams, 26 February 2016

Customer service satisfaction has long been an area of interest & passion of mine. I was fortunate enough to coach on customer service delivery in a corporate environment & have therefore seen first-hand the impact of both good and bad service.

Client/customer experience is a buzzword that’s been around for about 3 years now. According to Beyond Philosophy, “client/customer experience is an interaction between an organisation and a customer as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. It is a blend of an organisation’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the emotions evoked and intuitively measured against expectations across all moments of contact.”

To break it down, a customer’s experience is not only about the rational experience, i.e. how quickly a call is answered, delivery times, etc. It’s also about the customer’s perception of the service they have received. This complexity of trying to understand these customer perceptions has seen an increase in the demand for customer experience professionals whose role is to implement strategies and measure customer experience.


Customers no longer rate service based on individual interactions – service delivery is looked at as a whole. Therefore, businesses now need to ensure that each and every experience a customer has is equally good. This means having a “customer-first culture.”

Magnetism’s Zero-Failed Implementations (ZFI) philosophy is the cornerstone of our customer-first culture. It is Magnetism’s commitment to doing everything in our power right from day 1 to ensure our customer’s objectives are met. We take pride in ensuring that our engagements are successful and have a “whatever it takes” approach to ensuring this happens.

In upcoming blogs I will explore the themes underlying ZFI and how they’re used to guide customer experience with Magnetism.

Customer expectations are constantly evolving and, as a result, we will adapt to these changes. Therefore, we do welcome your feedback at any point; remember, you are at the centre and your experience matters!