Have you checked out CRM-Project?

Roz Millar, 08 May 2013

A couple of weeks ago I went on CRM-Project training course.  I was doing the training for a couple of reasons:

1. We use CRM-Project and we wanted to make sure we were getting the most out of it
2. We were planning to start selling CRM-Project and wanted to make sure we would be giving our customers the right information

So what is CRM-Project? 

Well the name pretty much says it all – it is a Project Management Add-on for MS CRM.  CRM-Project builds on the core CRM functions to allow you to do Project Management tasks via CRM.   The team at xRM1 that developed CRM-Project have been really clever in making sure they leverage all the core CRM functionality when developing this product from using the activities we all use to track time and orders and products to bill the customer. 

So what does it do? 

CRM-Project covers all the functions of Project Managing from planning your Project to tracking time and billing.

Planning and Resource Management: Use the Work Breakdown Structure to create the project hierarchy and tasks or add them via the Gantt Chart and create your project time line.  The Planning Table lets you see who is available and assign the tasks.  Or you can create it all in MS Project and import it using the Project Template.

Time Tracking:  Staff have 4 options on how to track time spent on their tasks.  They can track using:

• Activities in Outlook
• CRM-Project Fast Time Entry screen
• Activities in CRM
• Mobile Apps

Managing:  Monitor how much Time has been tracked against each task from the WBS.  View who has been tracking time against that task from each task’s activities.  Monitor costs vs. budget at each project level. 

Billing:  Use the Timesheet function to generate Invoices for Time and Material projects.  Or use the out of the box Invoice for Fixed Price project.  Or use both if the Project is a combination. 

Since doing the training I have much greater appreciation of just what CRM-Project does and the value it can provide.  If you think CRM-Project may work for you, give us a call.