CRM Online - No Option to buy Additional Storage for Non Profit Organisations

Roz Millar, 19 July 2015

I had one of our Non-profit customers contact me recently. They had received the 80% storage warning message about their CRM and wanted to buy Additional Storage.

Not understanding what the issue was, I sent them through the instructions on the steps involved via the Office 365 admin centre. But the real problem was there was no option to Add More Storage under the Purchase Services in the Portal.


So we logged a ticket with Microsoft to find out why the option was not available. The response was:

"I have confirmed with my Escalation Team regarding this request. After the troubleshooting we have done and failed to resolve this issue, the reason you were not able to purchase Additional Storage for Dynamics CRM is that your Tenant has been validated as Non-Profit Organization. Despite the privileged pricing offered to Non-Profit Tenants, unfortunately, Additional Storage for Dynamics CRM has not been released to Non-Profit Tenants yet. Once you are verified and tagged as Non-Profit Account, you will not be able to purchase or add additional add-ons to your commercial subscriptions under the same Tenant"

My client has been sitting at 80-90% for a month now and CRM is a critical system for them so we have been forced to look at what data can be removed and what add-ons can be implemented to stop this happening. But I believe that Non-profit organisations should be able to purchase Additional Storage at the same rate as commercial organisations. Without this, CRM Online won't be an option for many larger Non-profit organisations. If you agree with me, please support the issue I have logged on Microsoft Connect (