• Cost-benefit and CRM System Development

      John Eccles, 12 December 2010

      I have already touched on why a new CRM system should be implemented in stages in my blog on Smart Implementation of CRM. Now I will discuss how you go about developing your Dynamics CRM system from the basic first stage (pilot) system into the system which represents optimum value for money for you

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    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace – Opportunities for low-cost system improvement

      John Eccles, 26 December 2010

      Users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can now take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace to enhance their CRM system for relatively low-cost.   What is the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace? An on-line store for Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications.  It works much the same as Apple’s App S

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    • CRM and Marketing Research

      John Eccles, 16 January 2011

      With a good CRM system, there is no excuse for not testing and optimising your marketing campaigns. * Marketing Research Marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services. The goal of marketing research is to iden

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    • Dynamics CRM, Change Management and the Leavitt Diamond

      John Eccles, 10 August 2011

      Understanding of the Leavitt Diamond is essential for successful implementation of a CRM (or XRM) system.   Leavitt Diamond Dr Harold Leavitt was one of the great management thinkers of the 20th century. He wrote, Managerial Psychology in 1958, which is still a classic in management literature.

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    • Business Process Change and CRM

      John Eccles, 08 September 2011

      Processes are at the heart of any businesses.  These processes need to change in order to be more productive and more competitive.  CRM can be a part of that change. The principles of Business Process Redesign can be applied to the design of CRM and XRM systems.   Principles of Proces

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    • CRM Project Evaluation

      John Eccles, 20 October 2011

      After about 4 weeks of operation there should be a formal evaluation of the system to assess user-acceptance of the system and overall user-friendliness of the system.  The evaluation will highlight any misalignments, software bugs, ideas/needs for software enhancements and any further training

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