Features of Email Marketing with ClickDimensions

Sarah Coleman, 21 May 2019

ClickDimensions Email Marketing contains some great features which allow marketers to create effective emails and complex campaigns. At the time of writing this blog, the components outlined below are not yet available in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Split (A/B) testing

This feature enables marketers to set up a test which tracks the success of two different emails for a certain percentage/number of recipients. The most successful email can then be automatically sent to the remaining recipients.  In D365 for Marketing you can include a splitter and choose the number or percentage of recipients to receive each email, but the evaluation of which email is the winner still needs to be done manually.


Emails series

In a ClickDimensions campaign automation marketers can set up a series of emails with a positive path defined.  This means that a recipient’s email interactions can divert them from the series into say a different marketing list or assign them to a sales person.

For example, let’s say I’ve received the second email in a series of five advertising a wine and cheese event and I click on the ‘Register Now’ link, this will take me out of the series and perhaps create a task for the event coordinator to give me a call.  Now I’m not going to receive unnecessary emails and I will not be waiting until all the emails have been sent before somebody contacts me.


Decision nodes

Decision nodes within campaign automations provide another way of including more complexity within one campaign.  Using this feature marketers can send different emails based on recipients meeting certain criteria, thereby reducing the overall number of campaigns they need to set up.

For example, if you have slightly different content for customers based in Wellington vs the rest of NZ, you could include ‘where city equals Wellington’ in the decision node.


The options are endless – you could base different paths on responses given or links clicked.  You can also use the nodes as a starting point for sending different newsletters based on subscription preferences.