• MS Communities – Managing a User Group Part 2

      Jared Johnson, 01 March 2012

      In part one of this blog I described the use of the first two tabs of the User Group management interface – General and Members, now I will introduce the remaining two tabs – Roles and Forums. The roles tab is where you can manage who is on the list of group admins. Group admins as

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    • Sitefinity Migration from 3.7 to 4.4 My Experience

      Jared Johnson, 11 March 2012

      The migration tool is quite effective at converting all the pages and templates and then migrating all the content modules such as events and blogs. It however could not deal with an image library that contained over 2000 images, until it was broken up into smaller pieces. On the pages themselves t

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    • Three tips for working with Kentico CMS

      Jared Johnson, 23 November 2011

      Recently I have been editing a website created using Kentico CMS. While powerful it is often quite hard to find information about achieving certain tasks on the web, leaving you with only the official documentation. To help with this here are 3 things I learnt how to do in Kentico CMS. 1.  How

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    • MS Communities – Adding/Editing Group Events

      Jared Johnson, 21 December 2011

      The events feature of a user group allows you to create events for your users that they can register for. The events from the entire set of user groups are displayed on the main events page here on a calendar.  Each user group however has their own events page that displays only their events; i

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    • MS Communities – Adding/Editing User Group News

      Jared Johnson, 17 January 2012

      The news feature of a user group is one of the most useful to Group leaders as it is one of the main ways to communicate with the group members.  The group news page can be accessed by clicking the news link on the groups navigation bar, and news headlines plus summaries are posted on the group

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    • MS Communities – Features of a Group Site

      Jared Johnson, 27 January 2012

      With the launch of the new MS Communities site, I am going to talk about the features of the group sites. A group site is the homepage of each user group, and has among other things news, group events and forums.   The NZ Dynamics CRM xRM User Group homepage Each group site has its own news pag

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