• Prevent Incomplete Stages of a Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

      John Towgood, 21 November 2018

      In Dynamics 365 every Business Process Flow has a corresponding entity which is automatically created and used to record state. This entity can be made available in grids, views, charts, and dashboards. Here is an example of the entity created for the Lead To Opportunity Business Process Flow called

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    • Convert URL to Short Bitly URL in Dynamics 365

      John Towgood, 13 November 2018

      When marketing website promotions or news to customers we typically send messages through appropriate channels such as email, LinkedIn or SMS messages. Usually these messages contain URL links to a website where more detailed information can be found on the promotion or news. These messages can cont

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    • Conditional Images in DocumentsCorePack

      John Towgood, 21 September 2018

      Documents CorePack add-on provides functionality of transforming data/information from Dynamics 365 into professionally looking documents. The Documents CorePack Client provides an easy way of generating templates using standard Microsoft Word layouts combined with Documents CorePack Template Design

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    • Dynamics 365 Online ADFS Authenticate with User Credentials

      John Towgood, 14 September 2018

      For a typical setup of a Dynamics 365 Online instance, authentication is done against Azure Active Directory using OAuth2.0 as an authentication method with an access bearer token issued. But occasionally we come across Dynamics 365 Online instance setup against ADFS which involves a two-step proce

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    • Dynamics 365 Open Lookup in New Window

      John Towgood, 03 August 2018

      The default behaviour when a user clicks on a lookup field in Dynamics 365, is that it opens the record in the same window. In some scenarios this behaviour is not ideal since users may want to open related lookup records in another window to view more information to assist in populating fields in t

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    • Dynamics 365 Online Authenticate with Client Credentials

      John Towgood, 08 March 2018

      The previous blog covered details on using User Credentials to authenticate with Dynamics CRM 365 Online. This can be a problem when executing long running background application processes that integrates with Dynamics CRM 365 Online.  The problem is that a User can change their password theref

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    • Dynamics 365 Online Authenticate with User Credentials

      John Towgood, 12 February 2018

      Integrating with Dynamics 365 Online is straightforward since it exposes Web API endpoints. But the hardest bit is authenticating since Dynamics 365 Online uses OAuth2.0 as an authentication method, a valid access bearer token issued by Microsoft Azure Active Directory is needed and used in every HT

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    • How to Make a Business Process Flow Driven Form in Dynamics 365

      John Towgood, 28 November 2017

      Using Business Process Flow is a good way of walking users through a process step by step. Each Stage contains steps which are just fields necessary to complete the stage. But there are times where displaying only fields for each stage doesn’t offer users clear instructions on what information is ne

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    • Useful Dynamics CRM 2016 Web API Queries - Part 1

      John Towgood, 21 July 2017

      Web API is a new platform feature of Dynamics CRM 2016 that exposes CRM data over OData (Open Data Protocol). Web API offers REST based endpoint which can be used across a wide variety of programming languages, platforms, and devices. Since Web API is intended to replace existing SOAP base endpoint

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    • Useful Dynamics CRM 2016 Web API Queries: Part 2

      John Towgood, 23 October 2017

      Web API is an easy way to send queries to CRM with Javascript. Since the XMLHttpRequest and JSON libraries are available with Javascript we can use these libraries to send a HTTP request to the Web API and parse the JSON response data to objects. Here are some more queries which I found useful.Updat

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    • How to Add a Sub Grid Search Box to a Dynamics CRM 2016 Quick View Form

      John Towgood, 19 July 2017

      Using a Quick View Form on a record in Dynamics CRM is a good way to view information about a related record. Fields can be added to the Quick View Form and sub grid to associated records. There are times when a sub grid contains many records and to search the records you can enable the Search funct

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    • New Zealand Post Auto-complete in Dynamics 365

      John Towgood, 10 May 2017

      The auto-complete control is a great feature in Dynamics CRM 365 to display a list of suggested text values as you type. In older Dynamics CRM versions, unsupported JavaScript or a web resource would have been required to achieve this Auto-complete functionality. The following steps demonstrate how

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    • Spell checking on send of an Email in CRM 2016 using Speckie

      John Towgood, 23 February 2016

      Speckie is a spelling checking add-on for Internet Explorer which is installed onto the client's machine. Once the add-on is enabled the spell checking functionality will be applied to all web pages viewed in Internet Explorer. Since Dynamics CRM 2016 is a web application and can be viewed in Intern

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