Working with Queue Items and On Demand Workflows in Dynamics 365

Zoe Sands, 18 December 2019

While working with Queues and Queue Items in Dynamics 365 for a client I came across a data issue that required a bulk data update on Queue Items. As the nature of my data update could be handled by an On Demand Workflow, naturally this is what I created.

When I tried to run the workflow using Advanced Find I was not presented with On Demand Workflows for Queue Items, I was instead shown the On Demand Workflows for the Queue Item Type (in this case Leads).


Also, when trying to run across Queue Items for different entity types I was presented with an error.


Interestingly when you navigate to the Queue Item area on the Site Map you are presented with On Demand Workflows for Queue Items, under the flows tab.


I hope this helps you if you ever are trying to run On Demand Workflows from Advanced Find and are wondering what is going on.