Making Changes to Record Create and Update Rules in Dynamics 365

Zoe Sands, 15 January 2019

A while back we had a client who decided to utilize Record Create and Update Rules (RCUR) in their CRM solution. This required us to make them approximately 30 RCURs, one for each queue they had in the system. Recently we have had some changes to make, rather than deploying the old solution with all 3 rules we wanted to make a solution containing the rules we had changed as is standard CRM solution practice. This is where things got interesting.

When we first added our RCURs to a solution we discovered that you need to add all subcomponents so that all the child workflows will be added. When creating the new solution, I did the same however not all the workflow steps were added to the solution. Only the steps that I had modified were added.image

While you don’t need your unmodified steps to be deployed because there are no changes to them it would be nicer to have your complete solution in one place. If you feel this way you may like to create a solution for your Record Create and Update Rule that will contain all its components. You can then use that solution for any modifications you need.

If you are ever working with your existing Record Create and Update Rules and wonder where all your rule steps have gone, this could be what is happening for you.