How to find the priv groups for your Dynamics CRM deployment

Zoe Sands, 12 June 2017

When working on a server with multiple instances of CRM you may need to locate the user groups that relate to your CRM deployment. Unfortunately, you will be met with a large list of groups each with a Guid in their name that seems to have come out of nowhere, and doesn’t match the Guids for your groups in SQL. Fortunately there is a way to identify which of these groups relates to your deployment.

Here’s how (note in this demonstration I only had one instance of CRM installed):

Go to the MSCRM_config database and query the ConfigSettings table. Get the id of the groups you need to check.


Go to active directory and find any groups with the same name as the one you are looking for.


Don’t compare the name of the group to the id you just retrieved. Right click and go to properties. Select the Attribute Editor tab and find the objectGUID.

Compare this to the GUIDs you got from the ConfigSettings table. Work through the list until you find the one that matches your GUID that’s your group.