Facebook Lead Ad to Dynamics 365 via LeadsBridge and Flow

Sean Roque, 24 October 2019

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that offers high view rates and precision with the target audience. Combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a leading cloud-based business applications platform to store and manage this information, we end up with a powerful combination for enterprise productivity.

Retrieving information from Facebook and turning that into manageable data in Dynamics 365 can be done manually.
However, when this process is automated we are benefited with:

  • Real-time data transfer

  • No human error

  • Near limitless customization with Microsoft Flow

This blog contains a set of instructions to setup automated Lead generation from Facebook Lead Advertisements, all the way to Dynamics 365.

To do this, we utilized the Facebook integration software LeadsBridge to extract information from Facebook Lead Advertisements, and the constantly evolving Microsoft Flow to manage the information and facilitate record creation in Dynamics 365. 

Lead Advertisements can be setup in a Facebook page by navigating to the Ad Center tab > Create Ad > Get More Leads

Here you are provided a standard form where you can select the different fields you want Users to fill up when completing your form.

In this same instance you can configure how you would like Facebook to project your Advertisement to users along with the payment plan.

If your intention is to explore and test an integration like ours, then it is enough to simply save the form as draft and later run some test leads. This does not require payment.

There are many different available connectors that allow automatic lead generation to various CRMs from these Lead Ad forms. To set this up, navigate to the Publishing Tools tab and click Leads Setup at the sidebar.

In our case, we setup a Webhook via LeadsBridge. Type “Webhook” and select the first instance and click Connect. This will take you to LeadsBridge Setup

Connect the appropriate Facebook account which has administrator rights to the page where your Lead Ads are

Provide permissions

Select the page and the recently created Lead Ad form.

In this section we need to click Edit to the right of Destination. Here we will enter a URL generated from Microsoft Flow, which will be handling the Lead record creation in Dynamics, after receiving information from the Facebook Lead Ad via LeadsBridge.