Error when Accessing Dashboards in Dynamics 365

Sean Roque, 21 October 2019

There was an instance for one of our clients where a single user was receiving the error message: “App for Outlook is the App Module for Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. This Action is not applicable.” and was unable to access the Dashboards area in Dynamics 365 Unified interface.

At first glance you might immediately think that this error is due to missing permissions on Dashboard access. In some instances, this is correct and has evidently fixed the issue for some users as can be seen in this discussion in the Dynamics 365 Community forums.

Our immediate action was to check the Application for what Dashboards were enabled, and to confirm that the User involved had access to these Dashboards.

We were able to ascertain that there were enabled dashboards, where the User’s security role/s were enabled access for within this SiteMap.

We also identified the default dashboards and ensured that it was enabled for at least one of the User’s security roles, but the result is still the same.

An important factor that distinguishes this scenario was that the issue was isolated to that User. There were also multiple users with the same set of security roles who were all unable to reproduce the error.

We suspected it to be due to a personalization setting because the User had access to some enabled dashboards, and other users with the same security roles did not have the same issue.


To fix the issue, via an Administrator login we found the URL of a specific dashboard that we were certain the User had access to. Then we logged in as the User and followed the URL, which posed no problems as the dashboard loaded correctly. Then we set this dashboard as the personal default via the button below.