Microsoft Flow New Feature: Copy to My Clipboard

Satyvir Jasra, 30 August 2019

One of the long-awaited features ‘Copy to my clipboard’ was made available for Microsoft Flow as part of the July update. Previously, if we had to use the same action multiple times but with slight changes, we needed to add the actions and then configure them individually. Using the copy functionality is quite straight forward.

  1. Click on ‘Menu’ button for one of your actions, and then click on ‘Copy to my clipboard’

  1. Once the action has been copied, it is now ready to be pasted somewhere else in the flow logic.

  1. To paste the copied action, click on ‘Add an Action’.

  1. Then select ‘My Clipboard’ tab and select the action you want to paste.

And that’s all it takes now to copy an action from one place to another. All you need to do is alter it based on your requirements.

Key things to note

  1. Changing an action in once place will not affect the original action.

  1. The users can copy more than one actions and pick the necessary one from the clipboard.

Room for improvement

While the ability to copy and paste in Microsoft Flows is going to reduce the effort required to build huge flows, there are other ways of making this functionality even better.

  1. Being able to copy the block of Flow logic, where the condition is true for some checks, rather than just the actions within a scope.
  2. Being able to pick and choose the actions by selecting them and then copying them together would save the users’ time as well.