How to use Document Management in Dynamics CRM 2011

Roshan Mehta, 13 June 2011

In my last post, I showed you the demo on how to setup and configure Document Management in CRM 2011 with SharePoint 2010. Below is the second demo from my presentation at the XRM User Group showing how a construction company might use Document Management.

Firstly, the demo takes you through how to add a customer requirements document to a Contact record as well as how to create folders and upload multiple files using native SharePoint functionality. It then shows you how we can use Document Management on a custom Contract entity, and also how easy it is to delete and add other files against CRM records. Lastly, it shows how you can view documents of related records directly from within the Account, so you don’t need to first open up the related record itself.

Silverlight must be installed to view this demo.

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