Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Customer Cards

Ronelle Raath, 21 January 2020

With the new Customer Insights feature released by Microsoft, you now have the ability to combine all your Customer data stored and managed across the whole business into one unified Customer view.

This unified Customer view can then be made visible in Dynamics 365 with the use of Customer Cards. Giving you the ability to view information on your Customer from multiple data sources outside of Dynamics 365.

Additionally, Customer Insights Profiles are refreshed daily from the data sources selected, ensuring a dynamic up to date Customer Profile.

For example, your Support Team can support your Customers using Tickets within Zendesk, the Accounting Team can manage their invoices and payments through Xero and combine this with their Contact/Account records in Dynamics 365.


This will guarantee all your staff have a current and unified Customer view within Dynamics 365, highlighting all engagements across multiple platforms even outside of their own Teams. Ensuring they can deliver the best Customer support knowing where the Customer comes from, what their last experiences were with your company and if they experienced any issues throughout that process.

After building a unified Customer Profile with Customer Insights, you can easily setup a Customer Insights Customer Card within Dynamics 365 by following these three steps:

•    Importing the Customer Card Solution (available in Microsoft AppSource) within your Dynamics 365 Environment.
•    Customizing the Customer Card Form layout as required for your users.
•    Setting up User Security Privileges: either “Customer Insights Card Customizer” to create a Card, or “Customer Insights Card Standard User” to view the Card Form within the Record.