Insight Capabilities Available within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ronelle Raath, 07 January 2020

The definition of an insight is…

“The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.”

Within Dynamics 365 this simply translates to…

“The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of your Customer within your business.”

You can achieve this through several features currently available:
•    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
•    Dynamics 365 Product Insights (Preview)
•    Dynamics 365 Market Insights (Preview)
•    Dynamics 365 Sales Insights
•    Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

(All incorporating Artificial Intelligence to assist with easily incorporating intelligent tools to their best capability in solving everyday business needs or problems.)

Each feature provides it own unique insight into your Business. Let’s have a look:

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights focuses on providing you with one unified view of your Customer. Meaning you can now combine all Customer information captured within several separate and unconnected data sources, using an intuitive and flexible Customer Data Platform (CDP).

From this unified Customer Profile, you can build useful and accurate insights to then automate action and engagements from. Ensuring a better Customer journey.

Dynamics 365 Product Insights (Preview) aims to give you a better perspective on your Product. How your Customers are using it (or not using it) with close to real time insights to help improve your Product delivery.

You can analyse and monitor your Product details across several platforms, harnessing an overall perspective to take actions from. Ensuring you provide the best possible Product to your Customer’s needs.

Dynamics 365 Market Insights (Preview) uses third party and proprietary information to tune into Marketing information that is unique to you. Looking at your Competitors, Customer, Brand or Trends within the market.

Now you can select a Topic that you are interested in monitoring, which will then be visible in a live feed or via an email alert for you to review. Ensuring you are up to speed with the latest trends relevant to your business.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights enables you to learn from your sales calls, identifying what works and what doesn’t work, by automatically transcribing and analysing customer emotion, sentiment, conversation content, as well as speaking style.

With the insights provided Sales Managers can coach their team to improve on engagements as well as target optimistic sellers or flag at-risk deals. Ensuring an increase in sales performance overall.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights looks into enhancing your customer satisfaction by monitoring performance across all engagement channels. Providing you with valuable insights into areas of improvement and growth.

You can streamline your business by picking up trends in issues/topics raised and resolve them collectively, minimising customer impact. Ensuring that you stay at the forefront of Customer Support.

So, by incorporating a combination or all of these features into your business, you have a tangible looking glass view into your Customer, your engagements with them and their actual satisfaction in your product or service. All with the added benefit of AI and smart design.

Definitely worth a look, see below links to give them a try: