Why can't I publish my AI Builder Prediction (Binary Classification) Model?

Ronelle Raath, 02 December 2019

Microsoft AI Builder is a Power Platform capability that puts awesome Artificial Intelligent capabilities at your fingertips.

We have four AI models available in the preview release:

  1. Prediction
  2. Form Processing
  3. Object Detection
  4. Text Classification

The preview released only to Environments in the US and Europe regions. With certain features only available to all regions within the month of October 2019 and the rest following in March 2020.

As I’m situated in New Zealand, I setup a new Trial Environment in the US Region to try out the new AI Builder feature.

Update: Since writing this blog a region expansion was done. In addition to the US and Europe, AI Builder expanded to Australia and the UK regions.

While trying to publish a Prediction Model, also known as a Binary Classification Model, I suddenly and quite unexpectedly get this error:

“Couldn’t publish model version. Try again later.”

It doesn’t really have much information to go on, so I used DevTools and looked at the requests in the network tab

"InternalServerError\",\"message\":\"The application terminated with a fault: The language code 5129 is not a valid language for this organization, the fault activity Id is b3be52d5-0ef5-4f8f-8559-b02befadff2c\"

The language code ‘5129’ refers to ‘English (New Zealand)’

As the Language for my Environment was causing the issue, I had to investigate. There are a few places to set the language across the Platforms I was using:

The Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) platform (as this was where I was building my AI Model) via Settings:

The Microsoft Dynamics 356 platform (As this was where I was pulling my data used for my AI model) via System Settings in the Formats Tab:

Both were set to English (United States) as per my Trial that I setup to test the new AI Builder feature.

Then finally there is the Personalization Settings in the Formats Tab, as per my User within Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Here I found that it was set to English (New Zealand) not English (United States), so I updated it to English (United States)

And was able to successfully publish my model.

So even though my Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Dynamics 356 Platforms language settings were set within the regions available for this preview feature, I had to ensure that the language settings set within my Personalization Settings as per my User in Dynamics 365 also needed to be set as it caused issues when publishing the AI Model.