Hidden Relationships in Dynamics 365 Advanced Find

Ronelle Raath, 14 November 2019

I recently needed to create a many-to-many relationship between two entities for a project. However, when I wanted to use this entity relationship in a View, I could not find it available in Advanced Find. It was like the relationship between these entities did not exist.

I thought that setting the relationship to “Searchable” would make it show in Advanced Find, but there’s more you need to do.

For this example, I’ll create a many-to-many relationship between a Contact and an Opportunity:

Note that Searchable defaults to ‘yes’ and Display Option defaults to ‘Do not Display’

So, the relationship is set to be searchable and we’re all good to go right?

Not quite, looking in Advanced Find I’m on a Contact and want to filter on the newly created many-to-many relationship with Opportunities but my options are only the out of the box Opportunity relationships.

Back to the Relationship and we’re having a closer look at the Display Options available:

Selecting ‘Use Plural Name’ will show the Plural Name set on the Entity thus ‘Opportunities’ which could work but for me it made more sense to clearly highlight it with selecting ‘Use Custom Label’

Then giving it a clear label to stand out in Advanced Find.

And there you have it, a visible many-to-many relationship in Advanced Find, ready for use in Views.