You can now copy records in Dynamics 365 easily! Introducing Infinity Buttons - Clone Record

Paul Nieuwelaar, 17 April 2023

Ever spent too much time copy and pasting text from one record to another in Dynamics 365? With Infinity Buttons: Clone Record, copying records is now as easy as click, click and create - saving you hours of painstaking frustration within seconds.

Currently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not offer a simple solution on how to clone CRM data. The only way for you to duplicate your Dynamics 365 CRM record is to use the copy and paste method which leaves room for inaccuracy and takes a lot of time to do. With one account having multiple records, you will need a faster and more reliable way of creating the same data without any hassle.

When you click the Clone Record button situated nicely in the top ribbon, you'll be prompted to select the fields on the record you want to clone. From there, you can choose which related records you want to include – and select the specific fields you want to copy over from those records.


How to use Infinity Buttons – Clone Record tool

Infinity Buttons – Clone Record tool is easy to use. Just go to the Infinity Buttons drop-down menu and choose Clone Record.


A pop-up dialog will appear allowing you to choose which fields or information you want to be included in the dialog that you are duplicating.


Once you are done, you can click the clone button and then click the “go to record” button in the next dialog that will appear.



You now have the ability to edit information in the newly duplicated record.

We are further improving this tool to provide you with more cool and useful features. Get Started with a Free 30 Day Trial.