Dynamics CRM 2013 - Advanced Find in Global Nav Solution

Paul Nieuwelaar, 07 August 2014

In an earlier blog post by Greg, he talked about how it would be nice to see Advanced Find in the Global Nav, so I decided to go ahead and make his dream come true.

I’ve created a simple managed solution which can be installed into CRM 2013, which automatically adds an Advanced Find button into the global nav beside the Quick Create button.

This Advanced Find button is context sensitive, so if you click it while on a view or form, the advanced find window that opens will automatically take you to the entity you're on.

You can download the solution from codeplex and check it out for yourself: https://globaladvfind.codeplex.com/

Note that this is unsupported, and is not guaranteed to work with future releases/rollups of CRM, however hopefully this is made out-of-the-box with the next release anyway.