PSA: Dynamics 365 Duplicate Detection Bug Stops Business Process Flow from Initializing

Nick Chin, 04 March 2020

We discovered a strange bug where the Business Process Flow wouldn’t initialize during Quick Create.

It was difficult to pinpoint, however we eventually found that within the Unified Interface on the save of the Quick Create form, if it triggered duplicate detection, somehow the dialog would prevent the Business Process Flow from triggering.

Here are the steps to replicate this bug:

1.    Open your Dynamics 365 Unified Interface.
2.    Use a record that has a Duplicate Detection rule and a Business Process Flow. For this example, I’m using a Lead with the Email Duplicate Detection rule.
3.    Click “Quick Create” create a Lead record with the email filled out.
4.    Now using “Quick Create”, create a Lead record with the same email, so the Duplicate Detection rule is triggered.

5.    On Save the duplicate detection is triggered. Click “Ignore And Save”.

6.    Now when viewing the Records; the original record created “Duplicate Person 1” has the “Lead to Opportunity Sales Process” loaded.

7.    For the 2nd record that triggered the Duplicate Detection rule “Duplicate Person 2” you can see that the BPF “Lead to Opportunity Sales Process” didn’t initialize.


Microsoft has acknowledged that there is problem with Quick Create and the Duplicate Detection and will now release the fix in March.

Therefore, if you are encountering this problem here are some workarounds you can do until Microsoft has released the Dynamics 365 update:

•    Get users to manually “switch process”
•    Temporarily disable Quick Create for the affected record
•    Temporarily disable the Duplicate Detection Rule