Customizing the Opportunity Close Window in Dynamics 365

Nick Chin, 20 December 2019

With the general release of the Wave 2 update at the start of October 2019, the ability to customize the Close Opportunity form is now available! In this blog I will go through enabling this ability as well as giving an example of adding custom fields.

How do you customize the Opportunity Close form?

  1. Firstly, you need go to the System Settings > Sales then set the option “Enable custom fields on closing form to get more info on the closed opportunity” to Yes.

  1. Customization: Now you can create custom fields for the Opportunity Close form.

For instance, I have created the fields: GDP Contribution, Has Approval and Text.

  1. Enabling the “Customize close opportunity form” in the step earlier means the “Quick Create” form is now used for the Opportunity Close. You will need to create a Quick Create Form if one doesn’t exist.

  1. Customise the Quick Create form: for this example I added the custom fields “GDP Contribution” and “Text” to the form..

  1. Also update the original main form called “Information” to match. This is what will be viewable if you open the Opportunity Close record.

  1. In the Unified Interface app designer, make sure that the Opportunity Close entity is selected, and all forms are available.

  1. Make sure all your changes are saved and published.

  1. Now when you close the Opportunity your custom form will be available.