New Customization Experience in Dynamics 365

Nick Chin, 15 November 2019

You may have noticed a few years ago the Power Apps logo was added to the Dynamics 365 Solution Customization page. This was a sign of things to come.

Microsoft has redesigned the way customizations are done in Dynamics 365.

You can view the new Customization experience by clicking the “Try New Experience” button in the message at the top of the Customization window.

Otherwise browse directly to PowerApps through the menu or and then open the Solutions tab.

Microsoft is changing Dynamics 365 to use the PowerApps Customization and will eventually phase out the classic Customization.

If you haven't used PowerApps before, what is the difference?

The new Customization UI is a giant leap from the classic UI, which has essentially been the same since CRM 2011.

Now let’s compare the differences between the Classic Customization and the New Customization.

Customization Solutions



The UI is noticeably different with the menu on the left, the Dynamics 365 solutions are all located within PowerApps.

An additional function is the Solution checker, which you can run to view the analysis of your solutions. This allows you to view a report of your components or code and check whether you are following best practices. You may receive warning or error messages relating to your Plugins, Web Resources or Workflows.




The new UI is a lot cleaner than the classic.

Instead of a navigation tree to each record you need to select the filter in the top right.