Quickly create a manually triggered Flow in Dynamics 365

Nick Chin, 17 October 2019

There are multiple ways to create a triggered Flow with Dynamics 365. One way is by browsing to the Flow centre and creating the Flow.

  1. If you’re logged into Dynamics 365, Flow be accessed from the top left by clicking the Office 365 app button, then selecting Flow.

  1. Select the “Create” tab.

  1. Since we are creating a manually triggered Flow select the “Instant Flow” under “Start from blank”.

  1. Then in the wizard you will type the name of your Flow and press Skip because the trigger “When a Record is selected” isn’t available from this menu.

  1. Now search for the “When a record is selected” trigger and click it.

  1. Configure the Trigger.

An alternative (and faster way) to create a manually triggered Flow is to do it directly from Dynamics 365.

Note: To view the Flow menu and manually trigger a Flow, Users will need the “Run Flows” permission. Plus, to create Flows you would also need the Process permissions like Workflows.

  1. In Dynamics 365 select a record from the Entity you want to manually trigger the Flow, in this example I will choose an Account.

  1. Under the Flow menu click “Create a Flow”.

  1. Click Continue.

  1. The Trigger is already configured, and you are ready to start creating steps for your Flow.

As you see you can create a manual Flow in as little as 3 steps rather than 6 or more!