Add More than Four Fields to a Dynamics 365 Form Header

Jordan Hohepa, 11 November 2019

With the recent Wave 2 Release for Dynamics 365 there has been a slight change to how the header works on a Form. The new change is known as the high density header. Basically, it allows you to add more than four fields within the header, which was the previous maximum amount. Take the Contact Form in the below screenshot, which has the ‘Job Title’, ‘Status Reason’ and ‘Owner Fields in it. Currently, you aren’t able to edit these fields by clicking on them, which is how Users were able to enter data in the past.

The way to update these fields is to use the dropdown arrow to the right of the header fields and then update them. Navigating to the form editor within Dynamics 365 will only allow you to add up to four fields.

Instead, if you navigate and sign into using your Office 365 Account, find the Entity you want to customize and open the form editor, you can see the ‘Edit header density’ button at the top.

If you drag and drop more than four fields into the header, save and publish, you will see that the header now contains more than four fields. At the time of writing this blog, the high density header is only able to display four read-only fields at one time, but clicking on the dropdown next to the header will allow you to view and edit all of the fields available.