DYNAMICS CRM 2011: Our Team Day Out

Jaime Smith, 09 November 2012

Earlier this month Team Magnetism had an outing to a beautiful beach in the North Island.  It was a fantastic day of team building and vision setting for the coming year.

As some of you may be aware, over the past month there have been changes at Magnetism.

DYNAMICS CRM 2011 Our Team Day Out

However, change can be tough on employees and employers and that is why we decided to arrange a team day.  This provided an opportunity for our new CEO John Eccles to share his vision for the future.  The team were able to share their thoughts about the change and the future direction of Magnetism.

DYNAMICS CRM 2011 Our Team Day Out

Fostering an environment of collaboration and cooperation is vital to maintaining a healthy and productive workplace – we value the opinions, experience and knowledge of our team members and believe that they are instrumental in the positive progression of Magnetism.

What was the outcome?  What is it that sets us apart from the rest… 

DYNAMICS CRM 2011 Our Team Day Out

Our DNA:

1. Attitude – positive, hard-working - going above and beyond the call of duty, fighters – “Can’t” is not in the vocabulary.

2. Character -  Young, Vibrant, Fresh and Fun – whether our team are in their 20’s or 40’s they come up with ideas that are outside of the square, are resourcefulness and full of zeal and passion for what they do.

3. Committed to Quality -  delivering the best solutions, following best practices in all we do.

4. Continuous Improvement – always in the process of learning, learning, learning; adjusting processes to streamline and build capacity and improve performance.

5. Commitment to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – it is and will remain our CORE business; we are specialists!

We are still a young company with a desire to grow and are committed to being the best in the business.

DYNAMICS CRM 2011 Our Team Day Out