Dynamics CRM 2011: Training

Jaime Smith, 10 August 2012


Here at Magnetism we believe training is fundamental!  It is not an "IF" but rather a "WHEN" question. There are many reasons behind our dedication to training:

Early Training (Analysis or even pre-sales stage)

  • Opens up a realm of possibilities to new CRM users
  • Creates confidence is the product /application
  • Introduces concepts and CRM vocabulary
  • Managing change – will assist in setting appropriate expectations upfront

Magnetism offers two great courses that are useful at this stage - http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/users/80442.aspx http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/users/80289A.aspx

Middle of the road...training
So you have had your custom CRM solution developed and are now called upon to carry out your due diligence in the form of User Acceptance Testing.  Ideally we would want to keep key users involved throughout the development process, undertaking small bite-sized training as different parts of the system are completed.  This approach provides the benefit of keeping these indiviuals in constant contact with CRM and therefore means a smaller learning curve when it comes to preparing for UAT.  However, often the reality is different and we suggest doing formal Key/Super User training prior to the User Acceptance Stage to assist the process.

The aim of training these key users is that they will be equipped to provide or co-facilitate end-user training within their organisations.  Often in larger organisations they undertake key training activities and run training projects in house to address this area.

Keeping up your competency…
It is important to continue learning and improving your skills and knowledge.  In regards to CRM, Microsoft is always adding new functionality or releasing significant updates (i.e. we moved from CRM  4.0 to CRM 2011).  Magnetism runs courses regularly that give you the opportunity to stay at the top of the game.  Additionally, some of these courses go into the back-end of the system and will teach you how to customise your solution.  That is, after-all, one of the biggest draw cards of Dynamics CRM!

Some relevant courses are:
Sales: http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/users/80291a.aspx
Marketing: http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/users/80290a.aspx
Customisation: http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/developer/80294a.aspx
Workflows: http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/users/80444A.aspx
Reporting: http://www.magnetism.co.nz/whywearedifferent/training/users/80445A.aspx