Dynamics CRM 2011: Project Culture…Begins in the Analysis Phase with the Project Charter

Jaime Smith, 12 July 2012

Earlier this year I touched on the importance of setting up the right climate or culture for your projects.  The time to start setting the scene is right at the start, during the analysis phase.

It is at this point that we can bring all involved in the project into alignment and agree on the implementation before it begins.  Setting the scene from the get go around project communication, and definitions of project success are vital to the smooth running of your project.

At the earliest engagement with your customer, as you seek to understand their needs and requirements, you have the opportunity to introduce the ways things are done.  During that diagnostic phase (SureStep Terminology) you are digging for gold and accumulating a wealth of knowledge about the customer that will help create and define the roadmap forward for their implementation.  At the completion of that phase you will deliver them with a quality document(s) in support of the project charter.

The Project Charter is a great place to outline the project process and cultural precepts.  Everyone and every company are different.  We all bring our personal touches and nuances to projects, some like to follow a formal process with clear lines of communication and authority.  Others of us are happy to be cc’d in on emails and for people to chat directly to those that have the information they need as required.  However, it is important to consider the size and risk of the project, when making these key communication and delivery decisions.

Whatever you do – make sure you are real and not just paying lipservice – it will become very evident throughout your project if you do not do as you say.


Image from http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/1995-07-16/