Upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2011 using SureStep Methodology

Jaime Smith, 03 December 2011

Currently we are working on an upgrade from CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CRM 2011, it is a large scale project and to ensure we dot all our  I’s and cross all our t’s I have been utilising Microsoft SureStep Upgrade approach.  In order to access these resources you need to be a Microsoft partner or customer.

 Upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2011 using SureStep Methodology

Microsoft has provided a great resource for project managers to see through the complete lifecycle of any Microsoft Dynamics solution.  Additionally it offers aids to individuals in various roles within the project.

With regards to an upgrade, we must start by firstly conducting a technical upgrade where the existing CRM 4.0 is audited and reviewed and the developer identifies any issues with upgrading existing functionality to Dynamics CRM 2011 – the developer may also at this stage keep a record of breaks and provide recommendations to the client to ensure a smooth transition to the new solution/subsequent release.

A project we are currently working on has had a significant level of customisation to its current solution - what this means for us is that we will have to follow the technical upgrade with a functional upgrade utilising any one of the other SureStep approaches (Agile, Enterprise, Rapid or Standard) .

What is particularly helpful about SureStep is that it provides a complete roadmap and templates of all the (suggested) relevant documentation.  Below is a snapshot of the development phase:

 Upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2011 using SureStep Methodology

Each phase that comes before and after deployment is mapped out as meticulously as this one and each phase is linked across time and task, such as project management, business process analysis, coding and QA.

When on the SureStep site all of the boxes detailed on the diagram above are clickable and will take you to a page that will inform you of the purpose, any pre-requisites and provide document templates for this stage of the project.

This methodology and resource is a sure fire way to kick off your Dynamics CRM projects and ensure they are deployed and closed with efficiency.